Teaser Image for Porsche Panamera Released Before June 28 Debut

Porsche is prepping for a grand event scheduled to take place in Berlin, Germany.

The event is set to witness the launch of the Porsche Panamera. To keep the hype quotient high, the automaker has released a teaser image of the car.

Porsche Panamera Teaser Image

They have not only released a teaser image but have also launched a new video to give us a glimpse of how the Panamera would look like. The famous rear end of the iconic car has undergone an unconventional change. It’s such an unexpected turn because Porsche is a company which always prefers to keep a foot in their nostalgic roots. From the new change, it is evident that the time has come for every brand to adopt to the changing automobile industry.

A long and thin LED strip runs through the rear end which converges into the oval shaped taillights. The taillights are directly inspired by the previous model. The back end looks like Porsche has decided to borrow some design elements from the traditional models. They are no longer bulbous which is a welcome change. After all, most buyers were not so happy with that bulging design. It didn’t look sporty or catchy as its competitors. The designers have fixed this issue and many more with the next gen Porsche Panamera.

“A success story began a long time ago and it will now be continued. New standards will be set and the best of opposites will unite again,” claimed Porsche in their official press release. Such a huge claim to make and definitely cryptic. But, such things always add fuel to the hype and the press release is no different.

Prototype versions of the Panamera has been around for many years now. The engineering team spent years trying to perfect the design because it is one of the celebrated series from the brand. The automaker has adopted a new MSB chassis for the first time. The chassis is also being used by the Bentley Continental and the Flying Spur. Compared to the previous architecture, the next generation design is at least 200 pounds lighter. At least one hybrid powertrain option should debut with the Panamera.

2017 Porsche Panamera prototype front

More specifications, technical details and pricing of the Porsche Panamera can be known once the event goes underway on June 28 in Germany. For now, you can go through the teaser video and the image to keep guessing how the end product would actually look like.

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