Microsoft Windows 10 OS Release a Grand Success –  Here are the Top Features

Microsoft Windows 10 Features

A few years ago, Windows 7 came as a savior for Windows Vista, and Microsoft is taking the same approach with Windows 10.

Acknowledging and admitting mistakes is one of the hardest things to do in the tech industry, but Microsoft is good at both. Truth be told, Microsoft caused enormous pain with the Windows 8/Windows 8.1 experiment, and the company needed a surefire thing to bring excitement back to users. And judging by first reviews and what we can see, the company seems to have nailed it with Windows 10.

The new OS is evolutionary, solid system that will be good for all customers that like Windows. However, do not rush to upgrade until some of the bugs in the system have been fixed. Here are some of the new features in Windows 10 you will love.

Features of Windows 10 OS

First things first, Microsoft is bringing back the Start Menu button. When the company launched Windows 8 in 2012, the Start Menu button was gone. Microsoft resurrected the button in 8.1, but it was not helpful. The new and revamped button for Windows 10 is a combination of previous and current OS. The new Start Menu blends wonderfully with the Windows 7 style launch-pad, and the tile UI of the Windows 8. The new button includes all apps and settings, as well as favorites you can pin. Those are located on the left side, while the right side is reserved for live tiles.

Another thing that you will love with the new Windows 10 is the speed with which Microsoft will bring software updates to users. The company promises to deliver new codes on a regular basis.

Cortana, the virtual assistant is a huge part of Windows 10. The digital assistant has made search easier and more discoverable for daily users. The Cortana bar is conveniently located next to the Start Menu button. With Cortana’s search, users get both local and web search results. However, users can change the preference by clicking on the “My Stuff” tab. To summon Cortana, all you need to do is say “Hey Cortana” and start making voice requests. However, you can also type your requests. The best thing is that Cortana is unified on your desktop PC, phone and tablet.

New Browser

That boring Internet Explorer is finally a thing of the past. Microsoft is introducing Edge, its new browser with Windows 10. It seems like the company has borrowed many features of rival browsers such as Firefox and Chrome, but at least Microsoft has a nice browser now. Some of the features include reader-view, marking a web page with virtual link, saving pages with OneNote, and much more.

Other Features

Other notable new features of the Windows 10 include multitasking, streaming games, calendar, photos, maps and other built in applications, and Windows Hello. Multitasking on Windows 10 is terrific and easier than other platforms. You can create virtual desktops on the screen using a “task view” option. As for built-in applications, there are few that come pre-installed, but you can always download more in the Windows Store. The good news is that all applications work on all your devices, meaning you need to purchase the app once, and it will work on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Most of your old Windows programs will still work. Windows Hello is an authentication feature. With it, you can log into your device using fingerprint, face or iris. You will need additional hardware in order for Windows Hello to work.

Google+ Lost to Facebook, Google Admits Defeat and Accepts User Requests

The Google+ social networking service was launched four years ago when it was touted to be the rival to take on Facebook.

Critics and users opined that it is not easy to beat the social networking website because Facebook has already crossed 1 billion subscribers by then. However, Google didn’t want to give up and forced the users to accept Google Plus, whether they liked it or not.

Users had to rely on the social networking platform to share content, comment on YouTube videos and many other essential services hosted by Google. After compelling people to do these things, Google has finally admitted defeat and has started rolling back some of its services. The company in their official blog announced two major changes to the service.

You can now use Google without using a Google+ profile and many services, including photos, location sharing and comments are now being moved back to their original locations. Google+ will no longer be a hindrance, which should make things easier for the users. So far, it has been serving as an identity for every other product and service hosted by Google. The mandatory requirement is now no longer in existence. You can access them all without any of your personal information tagging along with every activity.

Slow Death of Google Plus

A well-established technology company could never admit defeat so easily, but Google has been indirectly showing signs of retrieval. Removing Google+ Photos is the first step and they have also begun retracting a lot of other services in such a short notice.

The location sharing system has been transferred to Google Hangouts. There are other apps as well that are now being assigned ownership for tasks that was previously handled by Google Plus. Amidst all this chaos and closure, the company has announced a new feature named “Google Plus Collections”.

Using this new feature, people will be able to read news and updates in categories that interest them. They can also create new topics in which other users can post interesting information. The concept is similar to Reddit and may kick off if users find it interesting. However, it may not save the service from becoming extinct.

Despite their determination, Google couldn’t make Google+ a popular social networking platform like Facebook. On the other hand, the social networking giant is facing a situation where they are unable to make enough revenue to sustain even though they have almost the entire world’s population onboard. An irony, indeed!

Facebook Follows Google’s Path, Offers Free Internet to Mobile Operators

Companies like Google and Facebook are extremely dependent on the internet. If people don’t have access to the internet, these companies just can’t exist.

After being in the global market for decades, the tech firms realized that they have acquired one hundred percent share in the developed countries. Almost everyone owns a computer or a smartphone connected to the internet. The next sensible step is to expand their horizons and bring in people who never have had access to the internet. Google did it by bringing fiber net, mobile web services and ‘Project Loon’ to let people in the remote areas experience the internet.

A similar strategy is now adopted by Facebook. The company launched a website named last year and has successfully completed its first year anniversary. The service, which was originally launched in Africa in 2014, later expanded to 17 different nations. Majority of them are developing countries, including India.

In their official blog post, Facebook confirmed that they are further expanding their operations in India. They have launched a dedicated web portal where mobile operators could sign up to make use of the offer. Every operator who signs up will get free internet and the cost will be taken care of by Facebook.

“ introduced the power of the internet to those who have never had the opportunity to explore it. By signing up for the free basic service, the users could enjoy faster internet connectivity. In the past year, we have witnessed at least 50 percent of the community signing up for a paid plan after using the free services. It’s great to see people willing to pay for data and faster connectivity once they get to know its benefits”, read the blog post.

The blog post also confirmed that Facebook believes in net neutrality. Every mobile operator and developer in these 17 countries could sign up to utilize their internet services, the company added.

While it might sound like a noble deed, the social networking giant is trying to bring more of the world’s population online. There is no denying the fact that some of them who have never experienced the web will find it extremely useful, but the underlying idea is to increase the number of web users so that they would become Facebook members in the near future. By focusing on bringing internet to all phones, the company aims to explore the untapped community of people who may have never heard about ‘News Feeds’ or the ‘Wall’ yet.

Google’s Android Vulnerability Identified by a Security Firm, No Patch Released Yet

In modern times, third party security firms are often more active than the actual tech companies that create the hardware and the software.

Recently, a firm that was supposed to protect companies was hacked and a lot of passwords got leaked. However, the company later confirmed that everything is under control and that they have taken necessary measures to ensure the all the passwords are changed to ensure maximum security.

Most companies rely on third parties to provide them security services because high profile hackers and security experts are usually freelancers who don’t prefer a full time job. The trend continues with another announcement that comes from a company named Zimperium. The discovery that they have made has exposed a harmful vulnerability in all Android phones shipped in 2014.

According to the company, at least 95% of the phones shipped last year are vulnerable and can be hacked if a team of hackers decide to do so. At least 1 billion phones were shipped in 2014 and based on this report; over 950 million phones are vulnerable.

Zimperium has notified Google in due time, but the company is yet to officially release a patch to fix it. The security firm sent an alert to the search engine giant in the month of April. There is no explanation as to why Google is so slow in fixing the vulnerability and ensuring that all Android users are safe.

The identified Android flaw can be triggered by sending a simple text message to any device. As soon as a user opens the message, the malicious code will execute automatically. The code can be executed in two different ways. One is by sending a picture message and another is through Google Hangouts. The Hangouts version is serious because as soon as the notification pops in your screen, the code will execute.

It will automatically execute one more time in the preview window and also when you open the message in the Hangouts app. The Android phone will be compromised after the malicious code is successfully executed. All messages, user credentials and personal information shared using the phone can be tapped into. The hacker could remotely access it and meddle with it.

The vulnerability is found in all the Android versions released so far, including Jelly Bean, Kit Kat and the newly released Lollipop. The firm confirmed that it has not been exploited so far and it is Google’s duty to fix it without further delay.

Microsoft Windows 10 Automatic Update Should Get Gamers Worried

Like we all anticipated, Microsoft’s newest release, Windows 10, will be launched tomorrow, the 29th of July, 2015.

Terry Myerson (Microsoft Operating System Chief) made it known that users of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 will be able to easily upgrade to the new Windows 10 at no charge. However, the condition attached to this free upgrade is that, it will be free only if they upgrade within one year of Windows 10 launch. As soon as you are able to claim the upgrade, it becomes permanent. One of the main positives has to do with the fact that it comes with free update features for Windows users.

Although the Microsoft brand is loved by all, this recent Microsoft Windows 10 automatic update has given a lot of people certain reasons to be worried. One of the main concerns has to do with the way Microsoft has integrated Windows 10 to automatic updates. Also, another worry is how these automatic updates have been said to conflict with third party drivers.

There have been several reports of this problem with third party drivers. However, the main problem being speculated is the problem that revolves around the misunderstanding between Nvidia graphic card and automatic updates with Nvidia’s GeForce Experience. This is a big problem especially if you are an Nvidia GPU user. Clearly, the new Microsoft Windows 10 automatic updates have taken away all control users have over the operating system and have made all updates compulsory, even driver updates as well.

Microsoft makes it clear that the decision they have made is to increase the level of security and stability, however, it doesn’t come for free. Some users have reported issues with their PCs not booting the right way, multi-monitor setups and dual-card configurations. With all of these negatives that are currently being made known to the world, it is anticipated that more problems might arise in the future.

A lot of gamers are quite disappointed with these restrictions and wish Microsoft will have some modifications done immediately. Till such modifications are made, there is no going back with these updates after it is launched. This is particularly for gamers who use Nvidia graphics cards, dual monitor setups and dual GPU. Clearly, Nvidia drivers are not the only problems that this automatic updates with Windows 10 come with. Since Windows 10 is providing all updates of its drivers automatically, it has the possibility to disagree with most third party makers.

Windows 10 is simply unstoppable and this is one of the reasons people are scared or worried about its automatic updates. What is the use of having updates if users will not be given options to decide if they want it or not. Currently, the preview version of these updates is available for those who want to try the operating system. A lot of people are deciding to stick to their current windows operating system versions because the preview has failed in the eyes of most gamers. If you are a gamer, you will definitely be worried about what is being said by others who have used the preview operating systems.

Is Windows 10 automatic update going to be a problem for your gaming excitement?

New Microsoft Windows 10 Store Aims to Unify PC Apps and Games Under One Roof

The new Windows 10 store is completely revamped and looks brand new. While some people who have had a Windows Phone may be disappointed with the lack of apps, the upcoming operating system shows great potential than any other launch in Microsoft’s history.

Microsoft has confirmed that the company is working closely with developers to bring as many apps as possible on board. Rumors claimed that they are also working on creating an emulator that will enable Android apps and games to run on Windows 10 OS.

Creating a Unified Experience

During the E3 2015 event, the Xbox One wing of Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will support cross platform game play. It is the first step towards creating a unified experience which will enable apps and games to run on both platforms at once. Then, developer Mojang announced a new special edition of Minecraft that would allow players on PC, iOS and Android devices to compete with one another.

Such game titles are going to play an important role in helping Windows 10 become the ultimate platform for cross platform play. The Windows store apps had witnessed considerable improvement over the past few years. It has grown in terms of quantity and quality.

Metro Apps in Desktop Mode

A significant advantage that Windows 10 has when compared to Windows 8.1 is the revamped desktop mode which supports all your favorite metro apps. People who are used to the traditional keyboard and mouse input systems didn’t find it convenient to access apps on an interface designed for devices with touch screen.

The issue has now been sorted out by the developers at Microsoft. The new Start menu might look a bit crowded because it houses all the best features from the past and has a collection of metro apps as well. Yet, it is a great start to satisfy users on every platform because it’s an interface designed for the future. PC users no longer have to switch to Metro mode, as apps can now run on the traditional desktop interface in windowed mode.

App developers and analysts believe that when the number of users drastically increases, it automatically encourages more developers to get on board. Besides, smartphones and tablets are no longer the craze in the world of technology due to lack of kickass games and apps. This could be the best time for Microsoft to woo audience with amazing metro apps combined with PC games that could run on multiple platforms.

Apple Watch Exclusivity Ends, Sales in Best Buy Begins this August

Apple has decided to step out of its comfort zone and launch the Apple Watch in other stores as well.

In the past, customers could have a look at it only at their designated stores and then place an order online. Apple has always wanted to keep stocks at a minimum and refrained from selling it through other retailers so far.

The exclusivity continued for several months until now. The company has confirmed that they are ready to launch the product at Best Buy stores. It is one of the prominent retail chains in the United States that sells electronic goods.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, earlier commented that the company expects the smartwatch to witness phenomenal sales in this holiday season. He didn’t reveal that they are going to make it possible by launching their product with the biggest retail chain in the country. Compared to walking into an Apple store and then ordering it online, it is an easier option for anyone to walk into Best Buy and buy a Sports edition for $300.

The electronic retail chain will start selling the product from August 7. The company’s senior category officer, Jason Bonfig said that they are extremely pleased to have such an exquisite device being added to their product category.

“Customers are always looking forward to buy new and fancy items. An emerging product category is mandatory for our store to stay ahead of competition. We believe that the Apple Watch will be an important addition, right before the holiday season begins,” he said.

Even though Apple didn’t reveal the exact number of watches they have sold, analysts predict that at least three million devices could have been sold so far. Before Apple Watch’s launch, Samsung was the market leader and had 75% of the market share. Apple has now acquired the position and before the end of 2015, the company expects to boost their share up to 85%.

Apple, in its financial call for quarterly earnings reported that the company has sold more smart watches than the iPhones and iPads. The company has made over $13.23 billion in China and has $202 billion in cash at the moment despite failing to satisfy estimated forecasts.

Tim Cook is extremely positive about this launch even though critics claim that it is a failure for Apple because the Apple Watch neither substitutes a smartphone nor a smart standalone device that users could rely on. It was criticized as a gimmick that didn’t offer value to customers but sales record say otherwise.

You Can Now Monitor Your Sleep with a New Device from Nintendo

Nintendo has recently registered a patent for its latest device which can help you monitor your sleep. In 2014, Nintendo had some interesting plans to improve the ‘Quality of Life’ and this new invention is a result of such ideas.

Several technology companies have, in the recent past, been trying to come up with sensational gadgets that people will find interesting and useful. There have been health monitoring systems from Samsung, calorie counters, step counters, arm bands, heart rate monitors and many more.

It looks like Nintendo found itself lagging behind its competitors without any such innovative product launch and had started working towards one such unique product that will people will love. After several months of hard work, Nintendo has come up with a product that they claim to monitor the sleeping pattern of people and they have also registered a patent for such a device.

At the moment, we are not aware of any specific functions or features that Nintendo plans to include in this device. However, all we know for now is that it’s likely to resemble a docking station and have a charging slot like the one we have for our smartphones.

Sketches of the device have gone live on the internet and from the looks of it, Nintendo’s new device will act as a heart-rate pulse, read the temperature and the psychological state of the person while sleeping. The docking station also has a microphone and a camera to record the noises and movements made by a person while sleeping.

The sketch also shows that the device may have several sensors and a projector as well. You may have to pair the device with your smartphone, as seen from the drawing.

Though we are not sure what type of data the device will collect, one thing is for certain and that is about the sleeping reports that will be displayed on the walls or the ceiling. Well, it’s now going to be too easy for you to find out who snored last night before you can put the blame on your partner.

The company has only registered the patent for now and has not shown any intentions of developing the product yet. Though heart rate monitors and sleep pattern tracking devices have been out in the market for a while, we can only hope that Nintendo invests in the production of this device and comes out offering something ‘new’ that will grab people’s attention.

Apple Watch Will Fly Off the Shelves this Holiday Season: Tim Cook

After a disappointing sales call, analysts predicted that a major share of the loss should be subjected to the poor sales of Apple Watch.

However, statistics has an entirely different story to reveal. According to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, the smartwatch has exceeded internal expectations but he didn’t reveal the actual number of units sold since its launch. However, based on the fiscal report submitted by the company and subtracting the revenue made through other products, a leading Apple news website suggests that at least 3 million Apple watches have been sold so far.

Cook added that the company still has a lot of headroom to explore in the coming months. Apple Watch is yet to be launched in major markets including China, India among other countries. The product has witnessed enormous support from customers in every region where it has been launched so far.

Reports confirm that 75% of the smartwatch market share is now owned by Apple. People who never wanted to purchase the product were convinced when Apple launched it and they invested irrespective of its high price tag. Cook believes that in the holiday season of 2015, which is hardly months away, the Apple Watch will fly off the shelves like never before. It will also acquire a major portion of the market share. According to analyst reports, it will dominate the industry and will have 85% of the market share before the end of the year.

Apple’s expectations have been met in Greater China, where the company witnessed 112% increase in sales and made a total revenue of $13 billion. They have sold about 10.9 million iPads and 4.7 million Macs in the country. The company has acquired $202.8 billion in profit from worldwide sales which is a mammoth sum to achieve in such a short period of six months.

Before the Apple Watch was launched, Samsung had the largest market share. The company had 73% market share which plunged to an abysmal 7.5% as soon as Apple announced their product. Rumors claim that the company is also planning to integrate Android apps into the iOS operating system used in the watch, so as to bring in more users on board.

If they manage to do it, they will probably dominate the market by a huge number that might become an impossible target to beat for other watch companies including Samsung and Motorola.

Apple Music Isn’t Apple’s First Mistake, There are Plenty More

Apple Music is strongly criticized by the general public, music composers and tech analysts. If you delve deeper into the world of Apple, this is not the first ever mistake committed by the company.

They have made a lot of decisions that are extremely annoying to users. The pre-loaded apps in their devices were the first announcement that annoyed almost the entire Apple community. On a fine day, a huge iOS update rolled out. It came pre-loaded with a new app that was designed to keep repeating advertisements for the Apple Watch. While one can’t blame Apple for trying to promote a new product to their huge fan base, it is not a wise move to annoy them all at once by forcing them to buy the watch.

From the company’s perspective, it’s about creating a single ecosystem where users could get everything they need. Apple has music, photos, maps and every other services that you may ask for. However, the problem began when they forced users to use it instead of third party apps that offer better user experience.

Majority of these third party apps are exceptionally good because the entire team that programs it is dedicated to one goal. Evernote is still the best note taking app while Dropbox is a much better cloud storage solution that you could access on any device. Google Maps is years ahead in terms of offering unparalleled functionality, reliable statistics and directions. However, when Apple tried to push their Maps service, which was as flawed as Apple Music, the company was forced to retreat and suggest users to go with an app they like the most.

Apple Music is the latest in the list of mistakes Apple has committed so far. It is easily one of the worst choices for music lovers because people have been pouring in complaints of how the iCloud and iTunes had messed up their music libraries. In trying to sync songs with the new service, they have deleted many. The app’s usability is at a questionable level and it can hardly be considered as an alternative to Spotify.

Just because Apple has released the best smartphone and tablet in the world doesn’t mean they have to do everything else to create a unified ecosystem. Besides, users like to have choices when it comes to hardware or software. Instead of trying to step into every industry and mess it up, they could focus on creating the best operating systems and Macintosh machines.

Microsoft Gets Ready to Release its Latest Bug Free Windows 10 OS on July 29

Microsoft had to face strong criticism when Windows 8 launched because the operating system was not user friendly for desktop users.

The metro UI was an important update which will be presented in a whole new style with Windows 10.

The next big operating system from the company is ready to be launched on July 29. With just a few days to go, the team at Microsoft seems to be really anxious. They have been rolling out new updates every two days to those who are already on the beta channel. The team has also been encouraging people in the Windows Insider Program to keep sending them bug reports so that the operating system is possibly bug-free on launch date.

Launching a brand new operating system with no errors is an impossible task. However, Microsoft is aiming at something entirely different. The company wants to make sure their platform is user friendly and has all the features that consumers want. In order to reduce complaints, the OS will be launched in different phases.

The update will be rolled out exclusively to people in the insider program on July 29. They will continue to analyze different aspects of the program and send bug reports. Those who have reserved their free upgrade will be the next in the lot to receive Windows 10. The users run Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 at the moment. After bringing it to existing users, Microsoft will launch the product to the general public, confirmed a report.

A step by step approach is expected to minimize errors on launch date. Microsoft is also planning to make updates compulsory on all PCs so that users receive bug fixes and security updates without fail. It also allows them to curb piracy and stop non-licensed copies from being used.

Newer Updates Focus on Intel Graphics

Windows 10 has received the latest build 10240 which the company confirmed will be the last in the series. The update obviously focuses on fixing bugs and glitches but it will also increase computability for integrated Intel HD graphics, according to a blog post.

The official description for these updates has little information in them. The statement claims that the newly identified security issues and bugs have been fixed. No technical specifications have been provided though. If Windows 10 could seamlessly merge the desktop interface with Metro apps, it could be the successful OS that Microsoft is waiting to taste for a long time.

Sony Won’t Sell Drones to Consumers, Will Focus on Integrated Data Services Instead

Sony Mobile Communication in association with ZMP Inc., a Japanese robotics manufacturer, recently announced that they are going to make drones by combining their best technologies.

The announcement, obviously, is unclear because when the news broke, most people assumed that Sony is going to sell drones. The industry is already dominated by companies like DJI and Parrot. Sony obviously knew that which is why they are not going to sell drones to consumers, a new report confirmed.

The company is going to have a strong focus on selling integrated data services which is probably going to be the best practical benefit for drones. While Amazon has been continuously experimenting on ways to use these compact, flying devices to deliver packages to people in the United States, Google, on the other hand, has been using it to expand their map services and regularly collects data.

Drones are also predominantly used in the entertainment industry by movie directors and television content producers. However, Sony opines that the robotic devices are best utilized when they are used to collect data. It is going to be the primary goal of AeroSense, a company that is the result of the Sony Mobile and ZMP partnership.

Speaking to a leading daily newspaper, a spokesperson from the company said, “We don’t have plans to manufacture drones and sell them to the public. Instead, the data gathered by using Sony’s telecommunication technology will be sold to companies.”

Sony Mobile is interested in entering the Internet of Things where cloud storage and data management are primary services. By creating a new wing, the company will now be able to provide better value to their enterprise clients and customers.

Instead of competing with GoPro or DJI, Sony Mobile Communication has made a wise move by focusing on a completely different sector, said experts. The future of drones may or may not be with delivering packages but they will definitely play a vital role in helping companies collect data without spending a lot on resources.

Moreover, companies may choose to assign the task to AeroSense Inc. which could assign a team of experts to collect data, statistics and geographical information according to specific requirements rather than doing it themselves. It is what Sony aims to achieve when they launch their services next year. We may have to wait for a couple of months to see how they excel in their new business.

Google Plus Photos Will not be Deleted When the New Service Rolls In

When Google announced that they are going to shut down Google+ Photos, the company didn’t clarify a couple of things.

People rely on cloud based storage for a lot of things and Google+ Photos is one of them. There are lots of photos and videos uploaded online through this service. Those who had their content online were concerned as Google didn’t clarify on what exactly will happen to the multimedia content. In order to clarify concerns and assure their users, the project head has released a second blog post.

According to the new post, Google Plus Photos will be shut down and Google Photos will take over as the new service. However, users have nothing to worry about because they will still be able to upload their photos and videos as they have been doing till date. And, the media content that they have shared using the service will be available in the cloud and will not be deleted when the new service rolls in.

From their explanation, it is clear that both services share a lot of similarities. Google has also confirmed that they wish to merge the services under one brand name as Google Photos because it is much easier to maintain.

“We received a lot of queries from users who wanted to know why there is Google Plus Photos and Google Photos. It is a technical challenge to maintain two different services which offers almost the same services. Besides, the services take its toll on our team because they have to focus on different platforms. By unifying the services under one name, it is now possible for us to offer a single, unique user experience,” said Anil Sabharwal, the director of Google Photos.

Google Photos, which will be the only cloud storage service from August 1, allows users to upload photos, edit and manage them online. It can be accessed through the web as well as iOS and Android apps. The photo sharing service from Google faces tough competition from their rivals, including Flickr, PhotoBucket and Snapfish.

By bringing the services together, Google now plans to offer a better user experience and focus on amplifying the quality of their service. A whole range of new changes can be witnessed when Google Photos is officially launched, confirmed Sabharwal.

While it is easy to store your pictures on cloud storage services, it is good to have a backup copy on your local drive in case the company chooses to wipe your data clean without prior notification.

Customizing Video Uploads on Facebook is Much Easier with its Latest Update

Facebook has been actively focusing on videos in the past few weeks and is trying to compete with Google’s YouTube.

Earlier, the company rolled out specific features to promote video content to users, including ‘Auto Play’ when users scroll through feeds and the ability to minimize videos into a thumbnail so they could continue browsing without hindrance.

The latest update is focused on allowing video publishers to customize their future uploads in more ways. One of them is the improved video upload system which is now more intuitive and comes with a whole lot of editing tools.

Users can choose to create “Secret Videos” which will be uploaded to Facebook servers but will not be accessible in the news feed. You can watch those videos only if you have the direct URL. Publishers who like to share sensitive videos can choose to keep them secret and share the URLs to the select community through Facebook messages, Twitter or other social media websites.

The second important feature is the ability to upload a video but prohibit it from being embedded in third party websites without special permission. It helps immensely in keeping copyrighted content safe and stopping others from sharing those videos to make revenue out of it.

Better Customization Tools

When the new update for Facebook rolls out, publishers will notice a lot of customization options available in the upload page. As a publisher, you will have complete control over the content and restrict underage children from viewing it. Videos can now have an expiry date after which it will be deleted from the website. You can also choose to publish them directly to the videos tab and skip newsfeed.

Customization options are plenty now as it facilitates you to either go for a suggested thumbnail or pick your own, when uploading the video. To make it easier for users searching for relevant content, you can now assign categories your videos. The available choices include entertainment, how to videos, news among others. The tags are expected to help content go viral and reach the target audience.

A brand new video library column has been added by Facebook which makes it much easier for page owners to manage the list of videos uploaded earlier. You can now edit the metadata of the content, its thumbnail and subtitles. Videos can be found using its title, description or category.

Facebook confirmed that the updates will roll out in phases to users around the globe.

Twitch Follows YouTube, Decides to Drop Adobe Flash and Adopt HTML 5

The Google owned video streaming website YouTube was the first major player to drop Adobe Flash player and adopt HTML 5.

Following Google’s footsteps, the Amazon owned live game streaming service Twitch has ditched Flash recently.

A couple of years ago, Adobe Flash Player was the king when it came to delivering multimedia content on websites and mobile devices. For over two decades, the plugin was used in major websites until Apple decided to drop Flash support in iPad.

When Steve Jobs announced that the Adobe’s plugin has no future and doesn’t allow developers to build good content, the public criticized him for his baseless comment. However, as years passed, major tech companies started realizing how Flash has been limiting their growth. Besides, the plugin has too many security flaws using which a slew of attacks were initiated by hackers.

Adobe promised to fix them all in time and continued releasing patches for their plugin. Despite their repeated efforts, Flash never took off and continued to become worse with each passing day.

Apple, YouTube, Firefox and Now it’s Twitch!

Apple holds the credit for disabling Flash on all their devices and it was the first company to make a brave move much earlier. Google wanted to do the same but the company also wanted to make sure users are ready for the transition.

They finally did it with YouTube recently with a feature named ‘Adaptive Bitrate’ that allowed the website to completely disable flash and deliver all video content on HTML 5 players. Later, Mozilla Firefox announced that they have blocked every version of Flash except for the last one.

Twitch has now joined the group when the announcement was made in their official blog post. For the moment, all videos continue to use Adobe Flash plugin until a migration is possible. However, the controls have been switched to HTML 5.

“At least half of the existing video players will now make transition from Flash to HTML 5 and Java Script controls. As it is technically difficult to instantly adopt a full HTML 5 player, we will slowly move older videos while all future uploads will directly be customized to run using the new controls. Underneath the controls, they are still powered by Flash which will change in the near future,” read Twitch’s official blog post.

The live game streaming website was recently purchased by Amazon for a whopping $1 billion dollars and has been witnessing consistent improvement ever since its acquisition.

Sony Mobile and ZMP Collaborate to Create Aerosense, a Drone Photography Company

Sony Mobile Communications has focused only on smartphones and tablets until now. The company is now associated with a robotics manufacturer from Japan, named ZMP.

With this new partnership, Sony aims to launch a series of drones that will allow companies to inspect new regions and acquire aerial photographs with relative ease. In this joint venture, ZMP will be in-charge of supplying robotics technology and automated driving while Sony’s mobile division will take care of the imaging along with the telecommunication requirements.

Aerosense Inc. will be launched in the month of August, which is hardly a week away. However, the company has confirmed that their products will not be available in the market until 2016. Apart from robotics technology, ZMP has also indulged in manufacturing land based vehicles that support automated driving.

In this collaborative venture, Sony Mobile will hold 51 percent of the share and ZMP will hold 49 percent of Aerosense. Sony has a stronghold in the imaging sensor division which has an integral role to play in smartphones and tablets. The technology is being used by some of the top players in the industry including Apple and Samsung.

By stepping into the manufacturing sector, Sony can now create drones which will be integrated with some of their best image sensors. It gives a viable opportunity for the company to showcase the prowess of their products which in turn will help them generate more revenue with the tech they own.

Drones have been getting really popular in recent times. However, most people consider it to be a toy. A lot of popular companies including Google and Amazon are actively involved in using drone cameras to their advantage. Amazon is trying to use them for instant delivery while Google utilizes drones to gather information for their maps service.

Apart from these companies, industry giants including DJI and Lockheed Martin are actively involved in producing professional drones. Sony will probably stay clear of this excessively competitive market and focus on using automated drones to boost the sale of their image sensor devices. It is a wise decision to make than competing with behemoths in the industry.

While it is confirmed that Aerosense will be manufacturing automated drones, there is no word on the type of industries that their products will cater to. DJI is already making drones which are primarily used for aerial photography by companies and in the entertainment industry. Sony Mobile’s sensor technology is expected to be its selling point when they enter the industry next year.