Tesla Is Building An Electrified Microbus Just Like Volkswagen

Tesla is building an electric microbus of its own and according to recent news, it looks like they are going to compete directly with the one built by Volkswagen.


The master plan two was earlier announced by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. According to this plan, the company will focus on implement electric motors in large vehicles including trucks, buses and commercial transportation models. However, Mercedes Benz was quicker to act as they recently unveiled an electric truck designed to offer real torque capacity as any petrol powertrain would.

The electric car manufacturer confirmed that they are going to go with a chassis that is already being used for the Model X.Musk has also confirmed that they are planning to try solar power for the public transportations so that they can be offered for lower pricing. It might take another five years or so but when the time comes, Tesla wants to be the leader not only in the consumer automobile market but also in the public sector.

Volkswagen is going to play an integral role in inspiring Tesla to come up with a bus. The electric car brand plans to use many of the design elements, chassis and plans VW has for its own microbus. They might strike a partnership deal in the future close to the official launch. But, right now there is no word on using their technology through legal terms. Another idea is to offer the maximum torque capacity making it easier for the vehicle to pull loads just like any other powertrain would do.

The Tesla Minibus will be built on a Model X chassis. It allows to have the best passenger density on the vehicle, confirmed the company in a Twitter feed. Apart from introducing electrified motors in the bus, Elon Musk has also planned to specialize in autonomous driving so that they can take people around the city without actual drivers.

Electric Microbus

A similar idea has been established by specific automobile manufacturers in different parts of Europe and some buses are being trial driven at the moment. It does have a driver on board in case the bus needs some manual tweaks or need to be driven in streets that can’t support self-driving. By this move, not only Tesla but every other brand including BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes and Nissan are doing their best to introduce the eco-friendly fuel efficient electric motors on a wide range of vehicles.

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