Tesla Celebrated Model X SUV Launch with a Live Streamed Party

Seldom do companies choose to celebrate the launch of a vehicle in such a grand scheme. Tesla truly believes that their Model X all-electric SUV is a groundbreaking launch, which they celebrated with a huge party that was live streamed to the audience.

The company had to undergone a lot of hurdles before the SUV could be launched. The first obstacle they came across is the lack of batteries that could power a huge vehicle. It’s not just a multi-seater, but also featured exquisite falcon wing doors and towing capacity, a feature unheard of in the world of electric cars. On the other side, Apple was busy luring people from Tesla to their own electric automobile division with irresistible salary packages that further slowed down production. However, the company has managed to break all barriers and is now ready to rock.


The Model X live stream is available on their official website. You can also pre-order the car in their site if you have enough cash left in hand because the new electric SUV definitely doesn’t fall under the cheap category. Its Falcon doors is one of the most wanted features which makes it stand far away from the competition. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla confirmed that he wants to produce at least 500,000 vehicles before the end of 2015.

While it might sound ambitious, being the sole player in the market it may not be an impossible feat for Tesla to achieve. Their CEO has also promised that the company has plans to complete the new Gigafactory as soon as possible and when they do so, they will launch a cheap $35,000 electric sedan which will finally bring EVs to the mainstream market.


Meanwhile, competitors including Porsche, Audi and BMW are gearing up to launch their own EVs as well as hybrid vehicles. When buyers go for the Signature X special variant of the Tesla Model X SUV, they get exclusive features including all wheel drive, 90 kWh power which offers 259 horsepower and a top speed of 155 miles per hour. The vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds, which is an amazing feat for an electric car that is so huge.

Rumors claim that Tesla has bumped up the mileage to 260 miles on a full charge but it is yet to be confirmed. When we have their SUV on the road, it will be much easier to confirm its maximum mileage.

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