Tesla CEO Elon Musk Promises Self-Driving Cars within Two Years

When the CEO of a company that has already made future technology possible, promises something, we just can’t refute his claims. Elon Musk has confirmed that the company will be ready with its wave of autonomous cars within two years.

The statement might seem to be made in a hurry, because earlier Musk said that the company is busy building its Gigafactory. It will enable them to create batteries which are designed to be high on power, but provide cost efficient solutions, leading to the building of cheaper all-electric cars. They will be priced exceptionally lower, possibly at $35,000 same as what every other gasoline vehicle is priced at.


However, the CEO has now added that the e-car specialist will not only manufacture cheaper cars in the next two years but will also manufacture autonomous vehicles. The self-driving cars are all the rage at the moment because companies are keen to attract new buyers and keep the automobile industry as live as possible. But, there are plenty of issues to take care especially those related to safety that could affect the passengers within. After all, in a situation where a car has to decide whether to hit the pedestrian or hurt the passenger, it may not be able to make a humane decision, claimed experts.

All these factors seem to hardly have an impact on Elon Musk. “We are going towards a world where cars will be fully autonomous. Our plans are becoming into reality and it should happen within the next few years”, he said.

In his speed, he added that all the necessary parts to construct such cars are ready. The only task that remains is to put them all together. “We not only have to put the parts together but also make sure that it works in a wide range of environments and situations around the globe. It might take some time but two years should be enough”, Musk added.

Tesla Model S Autopilot Mode

It might come as a surprise for those who didn’t read news in the past. The CEO of Tesla earlier predicted that it might take another five years for them to talk about autonomous vehicles and bring them into the mainstream market.

Elon Musk said this about a year ago, but now he’s a completely different person. Joining him in the quest will be Google which has already been testing self-driving vehicles for years and Ford, a brand new entrant, ready to test such cars in California.

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