Tesla Details their Auto Pilot Mode in a Detailed Video

Tesla’s electric car was the first one to receive the auto pilot mode which has been met with a mixed bag of comments from critics and customers alike.

Model S owners received the feature sometime back and the brand has released a video describing how the feature works.


While there are a lot of issues and practical stuff to take into account before allowing a car to drive in a highway, Tesla has tried to explain to Model S owners that they can rely on the autopilot to get trivial jobs done. Users, for example, no longer have to park the car in the garage because the vehicle is more than capable of doing it on its own.

Equipped with powerful cameras on all sides, motion sensors and GPS, they can identify the location of your garage. Similarly, when you are going out, all you have to do is call the car using the smartphone app. It will automatically start the engine, open the garage door and come out to the front of your house. The features may sound quite futuristic at the moment, but within years, it will be found in every other car.

Manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Ford and Chevrolet are already working on electric cars of their own. Their sole aim is to push the technology further so that they can increase the total range of the cars without increasing the price of the product. Tesla, on the other hand, has confirmed that they are building a Model 3. The car is supposed to be priced at $30,000 and will have an amazing 250 miles range or even higher.

It is still in early stages of production and will reach the buyers in 2018 or later based on how soon the company can get their Giga factory to be set in motion. Meanwhile, those who can afford the Model S electric car can enjoy a whole load of features including automatic lane switching, self-parking in public spots and increasing or decreasing the speed of the car based on traffic.

Tesla Model 3 Rumour

All these and more can be done using the autopilot feature and the best part is that it doesn’t require any human intervention for any of these activities. However, the mode requires a person to be seated in the driving seat and touch the steering wheel at regular intervals. The car will come to a stop if it doesn’t sense the driver’s presence.

Check out the video to know more about their autopilot feature.

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