Tesla Model 3 Live Pictures Emerge From GigaFactory

Tesla Model 3 pictures emerged online much earlier than expected and surprisingly, it’s not spy shots or something vague but rather photos taken at the Gigafactory where production is underway.

The exclusive coverage was done by a popular automobile magazine and they have tons of pictures to share. While a lot of technical information related to the car is still under wraps, being able to see the model in action was simply too good to be true. After all, lot of manufacturers opined that it is not possible to create an electric car priced at $35,000. But, after seeing the stylish sedan in action and its features, it is confirmed that Tesla has managed to achieve it in every perspective.

Tesla Model 3 Front

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla confirmed during the visit that they have received pre-orders for at least 180,000 cars on the first day since the online configurator went live. In the next few days, the orders rose to unprecedented heights and is now estimated at over 400,000. Those are huge numbers for a car which people have never seen in person except for the concept images shown online. Besides, majority of them didn’t opt for the base model but rather customized it. It increased the average sales to $42,000 and Tesla made a business worth $7.5 billion on Model 3.

Now, the big question lies in whether they will be able to live up to the promise and deliver them in time. Besides, the manufacturers are supposed to deliver the features including the mileage, design and infotainment system. In person, the Model 3 looks exceptionally appealing. It is close to the production model and those who have had the chance to see it in person will hardly be inclined to buy something else.

Add the fact that it is powered by a battery and there are no gasoline powered engines inside the bonnet, the Tesla Model 3 EV becomes extremely appealing in terms of design, pricing and fuel efficiency. The car is expected to provide 205 miles on a single charge and can touch 0 to 60 miles per hour under 6 seconds. The bunch of pictures provided here should give you a fair idea of what to expect.

Tesla Model 3

Musk is already on his way to change the automobile world and within two years, Model 3 is going to be available in dealership stores changing the industry once for all. An exciting wait for every car lover.

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