Tesla Model 3 New Details Arrive – Pricing and Launch Date

The first iteration of the Tesla Model 3 all-electric car is scheduled to get launched on March 31st. With just weeks to go, it is an obviously exciting time for the automobile industry to witness a truly electric car which can easily run 200 miles on a single charge.

Tesla is company that is dedicated to making EVs and they have succeeded in their vision despite the hurdles they came across. Model S is the most favored car in Europe. It is not only fuel efficient and green but provides the mile range most customers are satisfied with. The brand then launched the Model X SUV which created a brand new benchmark for SUVs that ran on electric motors.

Tesla Model 3

The latest iteration from Tesla is going to be the Model 3, a budget friendly electric car for the masses. Even though, the production is scheduled to take place in the next three years, the company is ready to make an official launch this month. The car will have a single layered battery made to provide a massive distance of 200 miles on a single charge. It is to compete with the BMW 3 series and similar sedans in terms of performance, speed and acceleration.

According to the official statement, the Model 3 is expected to be priced below the $25k mark and it should make the brand affordable to a lot of people who have never owned such a car in the past. The car is expected to go into production by 2017 and deliveries in different regions are expected to take place by 2018. Tesla is in a tight situation about deliveries as both their previous models were annoyingly delayed and reached buyers months later than originally promised. They are taking steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again with the new electric sedan.

Competition is already heating up as Opel announced their plan to see the Ampera-e electric car in Europe with a similar price tag and the car boasts of a 200 mile range, same as what the Model 3 is said to offer. Elon Musk, CEO of the company said that pre-orders for the vehicle will open as soon as the official reveal takes place in March. He added that the company may not reveal all the information about the car and plan to talk more about them towards delivery date.

Tesla Model 3 Rumour

However, if they expect people to start placing orders and pay the initial deposit to buy the Model 3, Tesla should probably reveal everything one needs to know about the vehicle at the official reveal event on March 31st. It is known that the brand is going to rather showcase a prototype version of the car rather than the final production by this month end. The model is set for launch in the Europe where Tesla’s primary audience reside before moving to US, UK among other regions.

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