Tesla Model 3 Reservations Open This Thursday

Tesla is on the verge of launching the Model 3 all electric car priced at an easily affordable range and with great mile range, with all possibilities of making a huge success among buyers.

The car is also expected to sport a wide range of exotic features which is synonymous with the brand.

Tesla Model 3 Rumour

The brand Tesla is quite new to the automobile industry but they took the world by storm and managed to convince a lot of Europeans to go with electric cars. Instead of making hybrids and plug-ins, the automobile manufacturer went with battery powered motors. The quality and build of the Model S sedan and the Model X SUV was simply unmatched making it so popular among buyers who cared about emission issues. The only practical issue was the pricing which the brand aims to change permanently with the Model 3.

Elon Musk, CEO of the company made multiple press statements. He expressed the company’s dilemma in introducing the Model 3 so early. The production version of the car could take another year or two before reaching customers. However, that didn’t stop the company from creating reservations for the model. The reservation agreement for the car is already online and it will go live on Thursday.

The company has confirmed that the car will cost $35,000 on launch. The pricing is on par with most other models in the same category. Considering the Model 3’s mile range which is pegged at 200 miles, the cost is extremely cheap as it will save a lot on fuel and turn into a worthy investment for the buyer on the long run. The design of the car is set for an official reveal by this month end before which reservations will go live.


However, if you are not ready to wait for a delayed delivery, it might be disappointing based on Tesla’s history. The company took similar pre-orders for their Model S and Model X cars. However, both of them were delayed than its original date. Besides, a lot of customers had to receive it based on lots. Whoever booked it first got it first but almost months later than originally promised.

Musk confirmed that the new Gig factory should allow them to produce batteries in large scale and ensure timely delivery of Model 3. Besides, given the price tag, Tesla aims to mass produce the car to reach wider audience which they will be able to do so only if it is delivered. Buyers have to pay $1,000 to reserve the car and existing Tesla model owners will be given priority on delivery.

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