Tesla Model 3 Style is Still In Its Early Stages, To Be Finalized This Year

Tesla took a lot of pre-orders when they made the Model 3 electric car official and made profits in billions.

However, the company posted a negative fiscal quarterly and is yet to finalize the styling of the most anticipated EV ever.

Tesla Model 3

A bunch of official pictures of the car emerged earlier giving us a clear glimpse of what the automobile manufacturer has in mind. However, the company confirmed that it is not going to be the final design and they are still working on the styling aspect. An official automobile magazine in an interview confirmed that the designers are working throughout the clock and are planning to complete the outlook for the Model 3. It is expected to be completed within the next six to nine weeks.

The news was shared by Elon Musk when he spoke during the conference call. While he announced that the company faced losses in the quarterly reports, the company’s CEO added that they are planning to fix it when the new Model 3 goes into production. Tesla is also taking necessary steps to ensure that the production of the car is carried out in a seamless phase and delivered without any delays. Model X SUV was delayed by months and it took more than a year to reach customers who pre-ordered it.

Model 3 will face no such issue as Tesla has confirmed that once the design and style is finalized in the next few months, they will focus on the logistics. The car is set to go into production towards the mid of next year. Over 400,000 pre-orders have been received for the Model 3 and the total worth is estimated at over seven billion dollars. The customers have deposited $1,000 to reserve their vehicle which shows their trust on the brand despite the fact that they delayed delivery for both the Model S and the Model X SUV.

Tesla Model 3 front

Tesla has not confirmed the powertrain that they are planning to use in the car. Even though, it is known that it is a battery pack, the size of the battery used and its capacity is not revealed. During the official launch, the company said that the new Model 3 car can run more than 200 miles on a single charge. Despite the impressive mile range, the pricing of the model is exceptionally low at $35,000 and if they could pull it off on actual launch date, it would easily be the most popular EV of the year.


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