Tesla Model 3 Teaser Image Released Ahead of March Reveal

Tesla as promised earlier is set to reveal a prototype or possibly a working version of the Model 3 all-electric vehicle on March 31st. The brand has released a teaser image a week ahead of the official reveal.

The image doesn’t reveal the design of the Model 3 which is quite disappointing. Most auto enthusiasts wanted to see a glimpse of the car but Tesla is going to keep them on their toes until the big launch. The picture shows the company’s existing models, the Model S and the Model X SUV while the third one in the lineup is closed with a sheet. Surprisingly, even though the auto manufacturer didn’t reveal much of the car, the image got really popular on the social media. It has already been making it to the top on Twitter and receiving enough likes on Facebook.

Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk, CEO of the company earlier said that they are still working on the concept version of the Model 3 and it may take time before the actual production version of the car is ready. Based on his comments, it is unclear whether technical details related to the car will be revealed on March 31st. During the last meet, Musk said that they are still discussing on the possibility of revealing all the cards at the launch event or keep them concealed so as to not generate too much hype.

Production version of the car should be ready and people who pre-order it will receive it towards the end of the 2017. Tesla has made history by delaying the launch of their Model X and Model S cars multiple times due to engineering hurdles. Those who are willing to make the switch to the all-electric car believes that such issues may not happen again with the Model 3.

The biggest change that Tesla is embracing is the price factor. They have so far been a company for the elite audience because of the expensive cars. Creating an all-electric car with batteries that run for 300 miles straight is no easy task and it obviously made them not so affordable for majority of the buyers. The Model 3 is expected to change it for good by being priced at $35,000. If they manage to accomplish it, it will be a direct competitor for BMW 3 series and almost a dozen other cars from other top manufacturers.

Tesla Model 3

A live relay of the event will be aired online in the official Tesla website. If you are interested to witness this important event, you can tune in and know all the details first hand while witnessing how the car looks for the first time.

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