Tesla Model S P100D Version is Coming Soon to Dealership Stores

Tesla is expanding their Model S lineup and the next in the range is an extremely powerful, speedy P100D version. The electric saloon is the first car to offer an amazing mile range which is now getting a new facelifted version.

The car is the first to hit dealership stores years ago when electric models were still a thing of the future. Tesla managed to convince everyone that EVs are here to stay and they did, followed by the Model X SUV. The cheaper Model 3 priced at $35,000 is coming soon. This seems like the right time to revamp the existing Model S so that it appeals to a wider audience and sells more before the newer, cheaper electric sedan gets launched.


In terms of design, the Model S will have a sharper front fascia combined with LED headlights and there will be plenty of new color variants to choose from. Ever since the brand came into mainstream segment, they have been offering buyers the choice of components and colors. Modifying Tesla cars online is more of a favorite pass time for rich buyers but even budget conscious people can get what they need instead of paying for complete packages.

In their official statement, the company added that they are not going to make changes to the Model S so that it looks similar in style when compared to the Model 3. The idea behind these modifications is not to make all cars look alike. Instead, by revamping the existing electric sedan, Tesla aims to boost sales and reach newer buyers. Those who are looking to go for the Model 3 may opt to increase their budget for the Model S but only if it looks contemporary.

The front seats and styling found in the Model X SUV is also being integrated in the saloon which adds newer features like heating, ventilation. Newer pockets are added to the doors for easy storage and the most important news of them all is the P100D version scheduled to hit dealership stores.


The insanely fast and extremely powerful version of the electric saloon is coming. It was confirmed earlier through a firmware update and now a new badging has also been found confirming the news. The P90D can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 2.7 seconds. The upcoming P100D should be quicker than this and probably offer more than 330 miles when compared to its predecessor.

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