Tesla Model S P85D Receives a Substantial Perfect Score from Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is run by a stringent team of car enthusiasts and it is difficult to get a perfect score from them. Only products that are substantially good will manage to grab that coveted position.

Tesla’s Model S sedan is an immense success and people just loved it. However, the first model received a near perfect score of 99 from Consumer Reports. The company was almost there because the maximum points that they could achieve is 100, but missed it by just one point. However, Tesla is back at it again and launched their new Model P85D. The car received rave reviews from critics and everyone who managed to grab hold of the wheels at least for a couple of minutes.


It is yet to reach the mainstream consumer but the Tesla Model P85D has already scored 103 out of 100 which is something unheard of in Consumer Reports history. The people at the magazine admitted that they had to adjust the scoring system in multiple ways so that they could bring it down to just 100. After all, if the team chose to score the new Tesla Model S with a score higher than the maximum number, many other brands and manufacturers would expect the same. In order to avoid future 100+ scores and to ensure that the vehicle receives a score that is truly justified, Consumer Reports had to adjust its scoring system.

Everything about the new Tesla Model S is impressive. The vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour within 3.5 seconds which is something not many electric cars can boast of. It’s safety measures are exceedingly well done which is another reason that made both critics and consumers fall in love with the e-car.

Consumer Reports in their featured article confirmed that they didn’t review Tesla and their model as an automobile company but rather had to see them as a technology provider. Gasoline powered vehicles are conventional and widely used by consumers, whereas electronic cars are relatively new. The perfect score was awarded because Tesla has made an innovation in the world of cars and their new launch provides the best fuel efficiency in its category.


The pricing of the Model S P85D however, is much higher at $127,000 which is not something the average consumers would love. However, Tesla has plans to launch mid-range and budget sedans priced at $40k in the next two years.

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