Tesla Model S P85D vs. BMW M5 Nighthawk – A Head to Head Comparison

While in technical terms, it may not be wise to compare the petrol powered BMW M5 Nighthawk against the electric motor powered Tesla Model S P85D, it is impossible to resist such a comparison.

With emission control issues going sky high every year, it is not surprising to see automobile manufacturers leaning towards electric vehicles. They are highly sophisticated, have a niche market which is not overcrowded and most of all doesn’t have to undergo severe emission testing phases, making it easier to launch them. The mileage offered by its battery and performance on road is what concerns most manufacturers as well as consumers.

BMW M5 Nighthawk

The Tesla Model S P85D is the most sophisticated in the class because it is powered by a dual motor system which allows the vehicle to touch 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.3 seconds. It is possible only when you have the Insane mode activated in the car; yet, it’s not an easy feat to deliver such power with an electric motor. The car offers a decent 430 kilometers on a full charge with the air conditioner switched on and at moderate speed. The only thing that lacks in the car is the steering wheel. At times, its responsiveness is not satisfactory.

In comparison, the BMW M5 Nighthawk with all the additional packages purchased can touch 0 to 100 kilometer per hour speed in 4.2 seconds. While Tesla definitely beats the BMW offering in terms of acceleration, you can hardly call it a failure because it’s equally fast and unless you are measuring, it is difficult to notice the difference in seconds.

While on the inside it is powered by an awesome V8 engine, the noise is not smooth and sometimes is too loud especially when sprinting at the highest possible speed. We should consider the fact that the vehicle series is four years old, but that’s no excuse because being a conventional petrol engine, it’s supposed to be super quiet during operation.

Tesla Model S P85D

On a full tank, it can touch 480 kilometers which is a tad higher than what the Tesla Model S offers and the steering responsiveness is much better than its competitor. While the Tesla car is definitely ahead of the BMW M5 in terms of technology, the BMW car feels more lifelike and it may take some time before electric cars deliver an emotional experience as gas powered vehicles do. But, if it’s pure performance that you seek, the Model S is a clear winner here.

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