Tesla Model S Range Expands With New P100D

While the company waits to get the game changing Model 3 electric car ready, another division of Tesla has expanded the Model S with a new P100D edition.

Tesla Model S Range Expands With New P100D

The P100D is said to be the top of the line Model S sedan. Tesla has also registered other names including a 100X and 60R. They may be scheduled for a later launch but the upgraded version of the sedan is imminent. Inside sources confirmed that the car is powered by a huge 100 kWh battery which will provide a significant boost to the car’s performance. At the moment, the P90D is the range topping model which delivers an exorbitant 381 miles on a single charge.

The Tesla model is powered by a 90 kWh battery but it’s records are going to be smashed when the Model S P100D hits the market. The upcoming car is expected to sport a four-wheel drive system and can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a meager 2.7 seconds. Such acceleration capacity is achieved in the car with tweaked powertrain and software updates that enable the Tesla Model S to deliver its peak performance.

All-wheel drive hasn’t been part of the company’s launches so far. However, the new P100D is going to be the one to embrace it and provide buyers with conventional features that are common with many gasoline powered cars. Instead of making it tough for buyers to make a choice, Tesla decided to simplify the Model S cars. There is the entry level model and the top end variants. The one powered by an 85 kWh battery has been removed from the lineup to avoid populating the mid-range segment with too many cars.

In the UK region, the models have been simplified. The 90 kWh battery car with an all-wheel drive and 70 kWh car with rear or all-wheel drive are the only options available. Those that might split the market share has been removed and all other models are being phased out every month to give space for newer cars to arrive.

2017 Tesla Model S

Tesla has been continuously upgrading the Model S sedan. It was the first model that introduced them to the world and made electric vehicles possible. The charging capacity has been boosted to 48 amps which saves time spent in charging the battery. Users can charge their car at home or at public charging points. With Tesla’s advanced air filtration system prolongs battery life and promotes faster charging. More entry level models are also in the cards.

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