Tesla Model X Adds 75D Entry Level SUV with Bigger Battery

The electric car manufacturer Tesla is expanding their lineup with a new addition to the Model S sedan and now they confirmed that a 75D model is going to join the Tesla Model X SUV.

The company has significantly brought about a change in the electric car segment with multiple launches. They made the models popular for the first time in Europe by selling limited numbers with a premium price. The auto manufacturer has now adopted a new business platform based on which the Model 3 EV will hit dealership stores. Priced at an affordable range of $35,000, it will reach the masses and is expected to sell in large numbers.

Tesla Model X Sun Visor Design

At the same time, Tesla has made an official announcement to expand their sedan and SUV variants. It brings the much needed refreshment to the existing models. The Model S gets a powerful and a super-fast variant while the next in the list is getting a cheaper alternative with a bigger battery. Sports utility vehicles are always about mileage as people use it to travel long distances with their family. The 75D is their solution to make one with better space, features and most importantly better fuel efficiency.

The Model X 75D SUV is powered by a 75 kwh lithium ion battery which is confirmed to have an increased efficiency pegged at 237 miles on a full charge. It is 17 miles more than the existing 70D model. While the numbers aren’t significant, it will bring about a change in the way people travel and give them more for what they pay. The bigger battery is not just the only upgrade that is being brought to the model.

The base model of the car uses an all-wheel drive system, has automatic emergency braking and plenty of safety features. Tesla has always been keen on safety features so as to make their vehicles appealing to the mainstream audience. The SUV model is provided with a six seat or a seven seater variant based on the buyer’s choice.


Features found in the Tesla Model X 75D includes an immersive audio system with high fidelity output, autopilot and air suspension for maximum comfort. Autonomous driving is yet in its early stages but Tesla is pushing it to its limit so that it becomes the norm in the next three years or so. There are additional packages available for the SUV including the Subzero weather package, Towing package and other premium upgrades.

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