Tesla Model X – Anonymous Driving and All the New Features Explained

In the words of CEO Elon Musk, the Tesla Model X is so complicated a car, they probably shouldn’t have built it.

The new all electric SUV has so many features for safety, better driving experience and autonomous driving. Let’s try to explain them all.


Overshadowed by the “cool” falcon wings, the Model X features a new firmware 7.0 dashboard. The new dash includes indicators for the vehicle doors, towing indicator and drive status. The upper touchscreen is the same as the dashboard in the Model S, with all these changes coming in the lower section.

Let’s start from the autonomous driving features in the Model X, highlighted by the addition of self-parallel parking, automatic lane charging, auto steering and much more. The addition of the mentioned driving features put the Tesla Model X on the same level as BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class.

Next on the list are the automated door controls. Unlike many vehicles on the market, the Model X can control each door independently. There is open and close control buttons on the dashboard, all of them can be used for the front doors or the rear falcon wing doors. Additionally, the falcon wing doors feature sensors that help the doors calculate how to open. The sensors calculate the arc, allowing the Model X to open its falcon wing doors even when there are vehicles literally next to the Model X.

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And then there is the air suspension control menu featuring five adjustments for ride height. The previous dashboard featured only four settings. The newest addition is “very low” and it is a feature that can be used only when the Model X reaches a certain speed. The very low setting is the most efficient one, as it reduces the air friction, which allows the Model X to consume less energy for driving.

The Tesla Model X is also a technologically advanced vehicle, with its ability to update its software over-the-air, using LTE, Wi-Fi and 3G connections.

Last, but not the least is the weather package, which has only one new addition and that is the “all off” control button. The fun part is the addition of the optional package, called “subzero”. This feature adds heating for the wipers, all seats, steering wheel, defrosters and the washer nozzles.


Tesla showed the Model X just a week ago, but when the SUV was announced, fans didn’t get a chance to see the Firmware 7.0 in action. Now, a week after the release of the SUV, we finally get to know some of the features of the all-electric SUV.

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