Tesla Model X Launch Date Delayed to Add 10 More Miles to the Electric SUV

Tesla is all set to launch their first ever Model X, the fully electric vehicle which is a spacious SUV that boasts of amazing interiors, cool falcon wing doors, great fuel economy and other impressive assets.

However, the company has been facing one issue or the other ever since they decided to make an electric SUV. Firstly, it is tough to make a huge vehicle as this one to run on electric engine as it demands more horsepower than a sedan. Besides, Tesla also wanted to include some first of its kind features including towing capacity, doors that open like a falcon wing and impressive mileage on a single charge.


While these are the practical difficulties, the manufacturer also witnessed a problem from an unexpected rival – Apple. In their quest to create an electric car, Apple created a team of 1000 employees, many of them lured from Tesla. They gave huge bonuses and unprecedented salary hikes that enticed some of the top engineers to switch companies which further delayed the Model X.

Recently, despite all the delays, the company confirmed that they will start shipping the vehicle to those who pre-ordered it. The firm sent an invitation to everyone asking them to visit their official website and customize its looks so that the team could start working on it. However, in the new page, it lists that the new Tesla Model X SUV offers 250 miles on a single charge which is 10 miles higher than the earlier 240 miles. It is unclear whether this will delay the P90D variant among other Model X variants, suggested a report from technewstoday.

The Tesla Model X is powered by a 90 kWh lithium ion battery. It has been exclusively manufactured by the company with specific features that allow it to charge faster and deliver increased mileage. While there are multiple variants of this upcoming SUV model from Tesla, the P90D is the luxurious one of them all. It comes with an extremely high price tag of $132,000, which may not be affordable by everyone, but those who do will experience the best the brand has to offer.


While other manufacturers are still producing hybrid vehicles which rely on an electric and a gasoline engine, Tesla took a daring step into the world of EVs and has tasted immense success in their path. Major brands like BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and Porsche showcased their electric vehicles at the Frankfurt show, scheduled to launch in the coming years.

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