Tesla Model X Signature Series Offers Abnormal Speed at Insane Price

That moment is finally here, as Tesla has announced the pricing and specs of the Model X. And as it turns out, the Signature Series of the Tesla Model X will be an extremely expensive all electric SUV.

The standard version of the Model X will also offer decent performances and the signature series is reserved for the wealthier customers.

Tesla Model X

Initial reports are that the Tesla Model X Signature Series will be priced at $132,000 and that is before tax and other incentives kick in. While the price is high, the performances you are getting are also in the supernatural area. For the price of $132,000, the customers will get an all-electric SUV with a 90-kWh battery (for those keeping track, that is 120 ponies under the hood) and a mileage of 240 EPA range. The signature series will sprint to 60mph in just 3.8 seconds with a top speed limited to 155mph.

If you are willing to go a step further, Tesla also offers a $10,000 bonus optional package, called Ludicrous Speed that will vastly increase acceleration and speed. With the ludicrous speed package, the Model X sprints to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds, a number that some sports cars have a hard time achieving.

The Model X is not just a fast SUV; it is also a very premium vehicle with premium equipment inside. From technological standpoint, the Tesla Model X has all the goodies of luxury cars, including blind-spot monitoring, sensors for falcon doors, semi-autonomous driving technology system, GPS memory added to the air suspension, heated and ventilated seats and much more. Optional packages can include heated steering wheel, wiper defrosters, heated washer nozzles as well as heating for the second and the third row of seats.

Tesla Model X Electric SUV

For those who want to order a Signature Series Model X, the deposit is set at $40,000. The price for the standard Tesla Model X is not yet revealed, but eager customers need to make a $5,000 deposit to reserve their vehicle.

And it seems like Tesla is almost ready to ship the vehicles to their respective owners. Some of the first customers that have made a down payment have already received an invitation from Tesla to pick the paint color of their vehicle, as well as wheel size and interior design choices. Customers that were able to customize their vehicles have started posting screenshots on a Facebook fan page. With that being said, it looks like Tesla will fulfil its promise to deliver the first set of SUVs by the time the third quarter of the year ends.

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