Tesla Model X – Still Tweaking, First Cars Arrive on September 29

Most people would assume that a company would not make changes just two weeks before the official release of a vehicle.

However, that is not true with the Tesla Model X, as fans are saying that there are changes and new tweaks on the SUV that is scheduled to arrive on September 29.


The deadline is approaching and Tesla is still not finished with the specs of the Model X. While most specs and performances are known, there are still mysteries clouding the air around the Tesla Model X.

One change that some fans noticed on the official website of the Model X is the increased mileage. A week ago, the specs on the reservation page showed that the SUV has EPA range of 240 miles. However, the mileage has now increased to 250 miles.

At the moment, only the Tesla Model X Signature Series is available for orders. The price starts at $132,000 for the basic trimming of the Signature Series and can go up. The ludicrous package, that improves the performance of the car, takes the Tesla Model X from 0 to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds. The price for the ludicrous package is $10,000. When the standard model of the SUV becomes available, Tesla claims it will cost just $5,000 more than a standard Tesla Model S.

Other information surfacing online about the Model X reveals the truck and the cargo capacity of the SUV. The third row of seats, apparently, can be folded down to increase the cargo capacity. The Tesla Model X is an SUV that can fit up to 7 passengers in its original form, but if the owners want more cargo, they can fold the third and last row of seats in favor of more truck space.

The Model X was first introduced in February 2012 and the company started taking orders soon after. The initial plan was for the Tesla Model X to start deliveries in early 2014, but the production was delayed by 18 months. The company believes it can deliver between 10,000 and 15,000 cars every year once the production and deliveries start.


Tesla officials continue to claim that the Model X will completely revolutionize the market and bring more women buyers into the market. The company’s goal is mass market electric vehicles and they are now hoping to capitalize on the increased popularity of SUVs.

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