Tesla Motors Upcoming Charging Stations in New York Will Facilitate Model S Owners

Car manufacturers are expected to focus on multiple domains at once and an electric car maker has to focus on a dozen objectives, all at once. Tesla Motors has taken up the challenge.

The first step is to convince a buyer to go for a hybrid or an electric car which is a tough phase. Most buyers are not convinced enough to skip the conventional gasoline cars and try something new. The inconvenience is because of the fact that it is not easy to find a charging station on the way, in case the car runs out of battery.

Tesla Supercharging Stations

Tesla’s founder Elon Musk has a solution to this practical problem. The company started off by signing contracts with garages located on the highway to integrate charging stations. After completing this task in some of the prominent locations around the country, their next agenda is to ensure people who live and commute in a crowded city have the means to drive an electric car in a hassle free environment.

In a press statement made by a Tesla representative to the New York Times, the company confirmed that they have plans to setup charging stations around Manhattan. The manufacturer has collaborated with at least two dozen garages located in New York where high speed 240-volt chargers will be setup. The owners of Tesla Model S cars living in the city can simply drive through and charge their vehicle in a couple of minutes before attending to their daily duties.

Compared to long distance rides, people rely on hybrid and electric vehicles when it comes to commuting in a dense urban city like New York. Getting stranded on a highway without power is horrific, but the same doesn’t happen in a city where they can either find a charging station or call for a backup to tow their vehicle back home.

Tesla Model S

By setting up charging stations, Tesla has set a new model for every car manufacturer around the globe. Companies like Volkswagen, Audi and BMW are already experimenting with new hybrid vehicles. If all of them could come together and setup charging stations at garages as well as gasoline stations, they will probably convince most of the buyers to go for a hybrid vehicle.

It is the first step towards building a new future where cars can run on electricity so that countries could be less dependent on gasoline and oil. The price for using the charging stations in New York will be determined by the individual garage owners in addition to parking charges.

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