Tesla P90D Ludicrous Launch Mode Software Update Doesn’t Change Anything

Tesla has been busy throughout the weekend and has rolled out a brand new software update for their Tesla Model S owners. It includes a Ludicrous Launch mode update, but the problem is most people have confirmed that it hardly changes the way the car works.

After testing it in-depth, an automotive specialist website confirmed that that there is no difference in the acceleration times. In the test, the car accelerated from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.82 seconds. The numbers come from the Ludicrous Launch mode software update used in the car. Without using the mode, the same acceleration was done in 2.86 seconds which in real world terms is nothing.


An average user will hardly feel the difference as it starts off at the same speed. The update was rolled out to the Tesla Model P90D. Similarly, when the numbers were calculated from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour, there was some notable difference. The car managed to cover the speed in 7.46 seconds when the launch mode was switched on and did the same in 7.56 seconds when it was switched off.

Another practical issue is that the driver has to pre-load the electric motors and allow the car to be in the same position for four seconds before having to accelerate. In real life terms, this will definitely annoy most Tesla Model S owners. After all, for such a minute difference, no one has the patience to wait around, bump up their vehicle and experience the few milliseconds difference in the overall acceleration speed.

When a gasoline powered vehicle can make use of the launch mode by experiencing higher RPM rates, the Tesla electric car drops the torque to zero RPM. It doesn’t make any sense for someone who wants to enjoy more power with their amazing P90D car when it doesn’t deliver things as promised.


Besides, the model also uses an all-wheel drive making it extremely difficult to grain traction by using the launch mode. Most users have confirmed that the change in power is very minimal and having to update to the latest version of software to be able to gain minor changes is not worth the job.

Tesla boasted a lot about their ludicrous mode and most companies are doing their best to catch up. In order to stay ahead of the competition, the brand definitely has to be ludicrously fast, right?

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