Tesla Partners with Luxe to Let People Charge Cars in Parking Lots

The time spent in parking garages is definitely much higher than you drive them, unless it’s a long trip.

Tesla has decided to make use of this situation to tie up with Luxe and allow people to charge their electric cars when they are stationary.

Tesla Model X Sun Visor Design

Luxe is a popular app which makes life easier for people by allowing them to hire on-demand valet parking on the go. If you need them to help you park your car in a crowded shopping area, just use the app to help locate your car and their personnel will take care of the rest. It’s a convenient service which becomes much better for electric car owners. Tesla is the first to collaborate with the company to let cars get charged when they have nothing else to do.

In addition to offering parking services, Luxe also provides add-on solutions, including washing cars, making minor alignments and much more. If confirmed, Tesla will be working with the app developer to directly integrate the Luxe app into their Model S and Model X cars. It will make it easier for the representatives to not only identify the location of the car, but also know that it is an electric variant.

After all, it just can’t be parked at any location and needs a charging port. The first to receive the update will be New York and San Francisco. The service can be availed within a 100 miles radius in the city. It is important that customers notify Luxe people about their destination so that they can assign the right valet to take it to one of their secure valet spot, which will also be equipped with a charging port for added convenience.

Charging the car will require additional cost and will be an add-on similar to other services including washing. Luxe not only offers parking facilities, but also allows the customers to avail services like driving home the vehicle, overnight storage and similar solutions. Most customers who have used the app are quite satisfied with their offering and by teaming up with Tesla, Luxe has just upped the ante to a whole new level.

Tesla Model S P90D

They will now be used by premium customers who are capable of owning electric cars despite the high price tag. It also includes owners of Model X. Once the service is successfully rolled out, the companies plan to establish in other cities where Tesla owners reside.

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