Tesla Planning for Limited Reveal of Model 3 EV in March

With a long way to go before the cheap electric sedan is fully ready for launch, Tesla has decided to tease buyers a bit by revealing pieces of information related to the Model 3 car.

The vehicle’s concept and specification will be discussed towards the end of March. It was earlier speculated that the company will talk about it during the Geneva motor show set to take place in the same month. However, it looks like they are going to go with an individual show for their most wanted electric sedan.


After all, if Tesla manages to price it at $30,000 and provide 300 miles or bit less range for the car, it could easily win over its competitors. Model S and Model X SUV are great cars, but they are nowhere near the price range that budget buyers opt for. The car is a direct rival for the BMW 3 series but with the launch slated for 2018, it is a long wait to look forward to.

Speaking at an event, the company’s chief confirmed that they are not going to fully unveil the car and its specifications. Instead, it will be a show where pictures of the concept car will be shown in addition to some other details.

“We don’t want to start talking about it before a production version is ready for launch. It will help us keep expectations in check and make any changes without disappointing the crowd”, he added.

Tesla’s Model 3 car will make its global debut in Europe where the brand already has a stronghold and all their rivals including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi among others reside. The company is busy building its giga factory which will play a vital role in powering the car. Batteries with more power and less weight are being innovated in the factory. They will not only power the new car, but the existing models as well.


Earlier, the car was identified as Model E, until Ford sued Tesla for using a name that is already associated with their brand. Being the third car in their electric range of vehicles, the company later decided to just call it Model 3 which suits its position in their list. It is also free of any law suits and sounds like a budget vehicle that people could buy, rather than the exquisite Model X which is strictly for those who have deep pockets to spend.

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