Tesla Product Reveal Scheduled for Oct 17, Musk Confirmed

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla confirmed that the company is about to reveal a new product on October 17th.

With just a week to go, the announcement is very close. It is not just another random announcement or an upgrade but a product reveal as confirmed by the company’s press release. Elon Musk is known for teasing buyers with his constant Twitter comments and this time he has managed to capture the attention of everyone.

Tesla New Product Reveal

Tesla has already launched the Model S, X and the Model 3 cars. All of them are electric models and there are special edition variants for the Model S with a ludicrous mode. There is hardly any scope for new products to be revealed because the automobile brand has already covered all segments. Model 3 is the cheapest car of them all priced at $35,000 and is scheduled to get launched in 2018.

With its announcement, the entire automobile industry went crazy over the cheap electric car and has started making their own cheap version models. One possible feature announcement expected during the October 17 event is Autopilot 2.0, a formidable upgrade for the existing autonomous system. Self-driving capabilities are consistently being upgraded in all Tesla models.

While the technology still has a long way to go, it is being perfected in possible scenarios so as to make driving easy for individuals. With Autopilot 2.0 the cars will be equipped with three different front facing cameras that are capable of assessing a lot of information related to road conditions and traffic.

Another speculated information is that Tesla is planning to launch a follow-up car to the Model 3. The cheapest electric car with over a 250-mile range could probably get a much cheaper alternative but it is purely a speculation at the moment.

Tesla New Product on October 17th

Companies like Nissan, Chevrolet have come up with their own electric cars. All of them are cheap, has great mileage and is compact to appeal to a large group of customers. When Model 3 was announced by Tesla, it was the cheapest and reliable electric car. However, things have changed in the following months paving way for bigger batteries forcing the EV brand to come up with newer models.

Could it be a new car or maybe even a new sedan that falls in line with the Model S? Keep speculating until the big announcement takes places on October 17th at the Tesla conference.

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