Tesla Video Reveals How Autopilot 2.0 Works and Autonomous Cars Sees the World

Self-driving cars seem more of a magic than technology and Tesla in an attempt to shed light on this cool tech released two different videos to show how they actually work.

Tesla Autopilot 2.0

From an autonomous car’s point of view, the entire world is different. It takes data in with the help of sensors, camera and makes use of satellite navigation to find its way on road. The system has come a long way since it was originally launched and is expected to be found in almost every car by  2020. Automobile companies plan to implement it on an extensive scale so that in the future, say a decade from now people no longer have to drive cars especially in traffic. The vehicles, irrespective of their brand will communicate with one another and help you reach your office while you nap in the backseat.

Tesla videos detail how their Autopilot 2.0 hardware works and the way the car thinks when speeding up, slowing down or braking to allow pedestrians to work. The engineers have worked a lot to achieve this level and it is clearly evident from the clips. The car acts a lot like robots with minimal AI as they continue to brake and slowdown from time to time. From the way the vehicle moves, it is easy to understand that auto piloted cars are never going to behave like humans. They don’t show a carefree attitude but rather are more responsible and hesitate at multiple points to ensure speeding up isn’t going to cause any harm.

The auto brand has installed the new hardware in over 25,000 vehicles and announced that this future technology will rely largely on machine learning. Data collected through weeks and months from thousands of cars will be shared so that all of them could learn new stuff so as to respond according to situations. Massive big data will go into play to make this a possibility and it requires some time for the idea to take off. However, the sheer brilliance of the video shows lot of promise and makes self-driving cars more trustworthy.

Tesla Autopilot 2.0 Works

They are going to be the future just like computers and smartphones despite the protests some people and law has. In theory, they could make time spent in vehicles more fun, relaxing or productive as the passenger prefers. It can also help avoid collisions that take place due to human errors in calculating speed or slow reaction.

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