Tesla Wants To Help You Make Money With Your Idle Car

Your car spends a lot of time idle and just don’t do anything right? It’s a known fact which Tesla wants to make use of and help you earn money with your stationary car.


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla promised earlier that he is going to unveil Part Deux Master Plan for the company. About a decade ago, he revealed the first plan which has been implemented and has proven fruitful for the brand as a whole. The first step was to create expensive, limited models which was later used to create cheaper SUVs and now an electric car for the masses.

Tesla has already announced the Model S car priced at $35,000 which offers a total mile range of 200 miles. It has captured the attention of the crowd and sold like hot cakes with pre-orders pegging around $4 billion or so. The company has a bad history because they delayed the delivery of Model S and Model X models. However, Elon Musk has promised that such issues will never happen with the new car as they have a new gigafactory built specifically for the purpose. It allows them to produce more batteries in time and churn out the cars, so that they could be delivered to their respective buyers.

After implementing master plan one, Musk is now ready with this part deux. He has posted a really lengthy blog on the official Tesla page. The first part is to create solar roof panels which will be used to recharge batteries in their car and probably in their homes in the near future. The next one is to expand the electric vehicle line up so that there is one in every segment, including public transports and other types of vehicles that people need.

Tesla Model S

Biggest of them all is the self-driving concept which according to Musk will be 10X more efficient and reliable than actual humans driving the car. It will be made possible with the help of massive fleet learning, allowing every car to communicate with one another. The interesting announcement is to help you make money using your car when it is not in use.

Nissan has showcased a similar idea where the solar panel and the batteries in a car will be used to power up an entire office. Tesla has suggested something similar with its master plan part deux and it has already caught the attention of many. The plan may take another decade to reach the intended audience.

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