Tesla’s Cheaper Model 3 EV Car Could be at 2016 Geneva Show

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla discussed about a cheaper version of their electric sedan long before the Model X successfully reached dealership stores.

He confirmed that close in the lines of their hugely successful Model S cars, they are going to launch the Model 3 sedan. The expected pricing of the car is at $35,000 which is definitely a price point that could entice any customer into buying an electric vehicle. After all, Tesla cars are known for their great mileage on a single charge. Their cars easily touch 250 miles and more making it highly reliable unlike other EVs which hardly touch 30 to 50-mile range before switching to gasoline as its alternative fuel.

Tesla Model 3 Rumour

Musk claimed in his statement that it may take at least two to three years before their Gigafactory is built. The factory is where the company plans to produce the batteries required for Model 3 cars bulk which makes it high priority before an official launch is possible. However, new reports from inside sources confirm Model 3 could be showcased to general public at the upcoming Geneva motor show set to take place next year.

The show is scheduled for March 1st in 2016 during which Tesla will not only provide technical specifications and actual pricing of the car but will show a version of the Model 3 in action. The performance of the car is expected to be on par with the likes of BMW M3 and M4. It might probably be able to zoom from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4 seconds or less.

While the automobile manufacturer is going to drastically decrease the price of the car to make it affordable to mainstream buyers, they assured that no quality compromises will be made. The mileage, performance and design of the upcoming EV sedan will be on par with their successful Model S. If you have been wondering how they could possibly sell such a luxurious vehicle for $35k, the idea is to boost sales to ludicrous numbers so as to keep the pricing low and still make a profit out of it.


At the moment, it might look as if people are hesitant to rely on an electric car. There are many reasons including the fact that they don’t offer enough miles on a full charge and are too expensive to own. If Tesla could fix these two hurdles, there’s no stopping people from buying one.

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  1. I think GM will beat them to market with their Bolt EV. And probably beat them on price. While having a similar range.

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