Tesla’s Model S P100D Can Go 0 to 60 In Just 2.5 Seconds

Tesla has announced that the Model S and the Model X are about to receive new, more powerful batteries.

Tesla Model S P100D

The upgrade will allow the vehicles to travel longer distances and perform better.

They also contribute to the vehicles acceleration capabilities. The Tesla Model S P100D which when upgraded with the Ludicrous mode and a 100-kilowatt-hour battery can easily go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.5 seconds. From these numbers, the car can easily beat any speed records if set on a track. The range of the EV has considerably increased with the revamped battery. EPA ratings estimate that it can go up to 315 miles on a single charge making it the top of the line model.

Next in the lineup are the Model S 90D that can go up to 294 miles while the P90D is slightly lower as it can cover 271 miles on a single charge. The powerful Tesla model is an ideal fit for buyers who like to contribute to the society while enjoying some unparalleled performance. The acceleration provided by the ludicrous mode will definitely attract those who don’t mind spending hefty sums on their favorite car.

Models like Porsche 918 Spyder and Ferrari LaFerrari used to be the fastest cars available in stores. They used a petrol engine making it easier to achieve such numbers but Tesla has beaten their records by going from zero to sixty in just 2.5 seconds. While we are yet to witness the car achieve the same in a test track, the company is known for delivering what they promised and we got no reason to doubt Tesla’s numbers stated in their announcement.

Tesla Model S

In an earlier test, Model 90D offered the same with 2.6 seconds which is a slight variation. When the same Model S is powered by a bigger battery, it obviously can achieve the result in lesser time. Tesla is also working to increase the mile range of their Model X crossover. When used with the ludicrous mode, the SUV can go up to 289 miles on a single charge.

Owners of any Tesla model can instantly upgrade their car with the new battery. The 100-kW battery will set you back by $10,000 for those who have purchased the P90D modeland is yet to be delivered. Recycling an old battery pack will cost $20,000. The cost is worth for those who own a Tesla model and like to enjoy more mile range for their car.

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