The BMW M4 GTS is a Road Car on Steroids

The BMW M4 GTS concept is another high-performance coupe from the German carmaker that gets all the aesthetic and performance upgrades, resulting in a powerful car machine that is also very suitable for the road, as well as tracks.

The focus with the M4 GTS concept is to shed weight, boost power and transform the car to a road-track hybrid.


Rumors are that the production for the M4 will start in September. The track-road hybrid will follow in the footsteps of previous special models, such as the M3 Sport Evolution, M3 GT, M3 GTS and the M3 CRT.

We’re especially fond of the new exterior of the M4 GTS. The front wheels of the car are 19 inches, while the rear wheels are 20 inches, resulting in a style that BMW calls 666M. The result is a stunning look. Other aesthetic upgrades include a prominent rear spoiler and a chin front splitter made out of carbon fiber. Using carbon fiber has allowed BMW to improve aerodynamics. The OLED tail lamps are the cherry on the icing.

Under the hood, the M4 gets a 3.0-liter V6 engine and thanks to the new innovative system, the water injection system, we can expect much more power from the M4 GTS. The power of the concept track-road hybrid is still unknown, but it will surely be more than the standard 425hp of the regular M4 model. The water injection system allows the turbocharged engine to operate at higher boost levels, with no compromise for reliability and safety. BMW has also reworked the cooling system, adding two radiators to keep the temperature of the engine in check.


According to the president of M division in BMW, Frank van Meel, the M4 GTS presents an “ideal combination of motor sport genes and unrestricted everyday usability”. The car, despite the great track ability, is actually very much usable for the road as well.

And BMW has made sure that once you put your M4 GTS on the road, everyone will know that this is not an everyday car. Painted in matte dark gray with orange touches, the car has a menacing and sharp outlook. Like every other special edition from the M division, the BMW M4 GTS will be limited production, so make sure to reserve one early.

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