The Exhaustive List of Cars Set for 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show Reveal

The list of cars scheduled for 2015 Los Angeles auto show reveal is definitely a huge one. No one would have expected the automobile industry to come up with so many launches and concept cars in a show that takes place at the end of the year.

The event is set to take place next week in grand style. According to the event organizers, there are 50 new vehicles to be launched at the show floor. Out of the massive 50 models from multiple automobile manufacturers, 30 of them will see a worldwide launch in the coming months. It’s good news for buyers worldwide because they no longer have to drool on these exquisite launches in the United States and never receive the car at their end.


If one has to list the number of automobile companies set to take part in the 2015 Los Angeles auto show, it is the most exhaustive list in recent times. Brands include but not limited to Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Mazda, Honda, Ford, BMW, Jaguar, Nissan and every other top name you have known are going to be there in this grand car expo.

Volkswagen and Ford have concept cars set to be showcased during the show but they have not released any official information with regards to these cars. Volvo is going to come up with a Time Machine but it is not a machine but a car that will probably be fully autonomous and be powered by electric power cells, not gasoline. Apart from these exotic launches, the event will witness refreshed versions of existing, popular models. Cars like Audi S8 Plus, RS7 Performance, BMW M2, M4 GTS are notable variants.

Honda Civic Coupe is going to shed its boring design and get a brand new makeover in its newest edition. We also have the Cadillac XT5, Jaguar F-Pace, Hyundai Elantra, Lamborghini Huracan, Mercedes Benz GLS and Mitsubishi Mirage.

2015 Los Angeles Auto Show

The Mini Convertible is a popular model that users are looking forward to at the 2015 Los Angeles auto show and there’s many more than the media could cover. We will be there at this amazing show and will bring you the juiciest details of popular cars as the brands unveil them. The entire week is going to be dedicated to the auto show which will be followed up by more car coverage, specifications, pricing and launch dates in various countries.

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