The Future of Automobile Technology Slated for CES 2016 Launch

The Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2016 is ready to embrace another year with plenty of technological advancements. Automobile industry is going to play an integral role in this event this January.

All the major manufacturers are gearing up to showcase some of their best designs and technologies. Instead of focusing on speed, performance or powertrain, the CES launches will be all about features that makes driving easier.

CES 2016

BMW will be the first on the list. The company is ready with an autonomous parking technology. With the help of sensors, cameras and software, the car will be able to find the right spot even in the tightest corners and get the job done. For newbie drivers and those who don’t have time to do it in a hurry can make use of this spectacular feature. On the other hand, Ford is discussing about smart mobility plan. They will launch SYNC in-car connectivity system to keep all their vehicles within the same network for easy navigation and alert system.

Faraday Future is probably the hottest company heading to CES 2016 this year. The company is supposed to be the mighty competitor who may probably give Tesla the fight it had never faced. When Tesla entered the market with an amazing range of electric vehicles, BMW, Ford or Audi could never beat them. It is the uncrowned ruler of the world of EVs which might change if the rumoured Apple Car made by Faraday Future gets launched as promised. The car will be showcased for the first time in the event and later in stores by the mid of 2016.

BMW is also working on a heads up display. Augmented reality is what every car manufacturer is after. For those who haven’t heard much of the term, it’s about using your car’s front windshield as a computer screen similar to those seen in the movies.


Every detail including the speed of cars on the road, upcoming turns, weather and any possible obstacles will be displayed on top of it. It will enable the driver to make informed decisions and avoid most serious collisions in the future. Above all, it makes life easy by notifying you of the nearest gas station or restaurant so that you never miss a turn. People are annoyed when they have to drive more than a mile to fix the error they made which new augmented technology on every car should fix in a jiffy.

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