The Most Exciting Cars Launched at the 2016 New York Auto Show

The 2016 New York Auto Show is underway in a brisk pace and within the first few days, manufacturers have managed to launch the best cars of the season.

All the important launches have already taken place or they may have some scheduled to be shown towards the end of the expo.


As expected, the show brought so many amazing concept cars. While most of them are going to take years to go into production, some may only be shown as a concept and not as an actual car designed to hit dealership stores. The Mazda MX-5 RF is crowned as the best launch of the year while there’s also the Mercedes GLC coupe. The show will continue to run till April 3rd and with a couple more days to go, there might be some announcements coming up. Here’s a list of the best cars launched in the 2016 New York auto show.

Apart from the Mazda and the Mercedes cars, there’s the Audi R8 Spyder, Subaru Impreza and the Genesis Hybrid sport sedan. The R8 Spyder is a notable new announcement from Audi featuring a stylish soft top. It replaces the outgoing model of the same name. A host of new features and exciting technologies are being incorporated in the model. The glass panel used on top of the engine has been removed while additional cooling vents are added to keep it cool even when operating under full load.

The new Genesis model will be available as a conventional hybrid, plug-in hybrid and an electric model. The sports sedan is made by Hyundai but is the company’s entry into the world of luxury cars under a different model name. The four door saloon boasts of premium features and is a peek into the design that Hyundai is aiming to achieve. It is the first of many and there will be more such launches in the near future. Exquisite additions include leather interiors and a huge 21-inch user console with touch functionality.

Mercedes launched multiple cars at expo including the GLC coupe, the C 63 Cabriolet in association with AMG, the E43 and others. The GLC coupe is the most prominent launches of them all. However, the E43 which is considered as the lower end model is equally good with a powerful V6 engine capable of accelerating from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 4.6 seconds.


Compact car lovers would appreciate the Mini JCW convertible and sports car fans lauded the Nissan GT-R for its outstanding design combined with unparalleled performance.

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