The Most Expensive Cars Shown at the Detroit Auto Show 2016

Luxury cars are always part of the most wanted automobile class even though most buyers could never own them in a lifetime. However, car enthusiasts enjoyed seeing some of the most exotic vehicles at the Detroit Auto Show 2016.

We bring the most popular and the highly expensive vehicles shown at the event. Audi had a pretty long line-up, including the 2017 A4, with dual clutch gearbox, the Virtual Cockpit which will be integrated in all future vehicles. While A4 is not an expensive vehicle, it definitely falls under the luxurious category. The cockpit is a brand new experience for drivers with a 12.3-inch LCD display, motion sensors and a wide range of information delivered right to the comfort of your seat.


The event had enough of BMW as well. The company showcased the M2 with a 3.0-liter turbo six engine capable of delivering 365 horsepower and the 2016 BMW X4 M40i. It is another most wanted vehicle from the popular manufacturer that will offer extensive space for the passengers as well as their cargo.

The 2017 Buick Envision from China is a surprising new entry. While Chinese products are not the best when it comes to offering unparalleled quality, the Envision definitely looked robust and had all the design elements expected from a high end SUV. It looks a lot like the Volvo S60. Buick didn’t stop with just a SUV, but also had a stylish sporty concept car up their sleeve. Named the Avista, it sounds like a Windows operating system, but runs like a Cadillac or the Camaro.

Porsche launched multiple models including the 911, the 911 Turbo while Mercedes revealed their 2017 E-Class and the SLC Class. Infiniti brought the Q60 2017 edition with multiple powertrains on offer. It included a V6 engine with twin turbo technology, light guide technology and other additional features.


Volvo’s S90 with semi-autonomous features grabbed the attention of people in the Consumer Electronics Show floor. While autonomous technology is far away from actually reaching the customers, it wouldn’t be too long before they can actually see cars helping them cover long distances with little fatigue.

While all these cars are amazing, the electric concept by Faraday Future stole the show with its 1000 horsepower. Most car enthusiasts opine that it may not make its way to final production, but we just can’t confirm it at the moment. It was a great time for auto enthusiasts at CES without doubt.

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