Top End Volkswagen Touareg R-Line Plus Revealed

The top end variant of the Volkswagen Touareg R-Line plus model was revealed by the company.

It uses a range of additional equipment and has a confirmed price tag of £48,095.

VW Touareg R-Line Plus Interior

For UK buyers, the pricing is on the expensive side but when the brand offers so much luxury with unparalleled performance, it is not something to complain about. Volkswagen is betting big on the model. The company is confident that the new launch could soon become the most popular top end car available in the country. They released a statement claiming that it will soon acquire half of the Touareg market share.

The car is designed and built on the R-Line trim. It is equipped with large 21-inch alloy wheels and the suspension is lowered to boost its aerodynamics. The model has a sporty body kit coupled with panoramic sun roof and Xenon headlights. These features were already found in the top of the trim line models and are carried forward in the new generation cars. Black roof lining adorns the interiors with heating capability for the steering wheel and an electric tailgate.

All these features are more are being borrowed from the existing R-Line model. There are cameras mounted on the exterior which provides a 360-degree view to the driver when parking. For newbies, it is a useful feature as it can avoid accidents and allow them to park with ease. The infotainment display is connected to these cameras and the feed is displayed on the screen so that you can easily maneuver the car into position.

VW Touareg R-Line Plus

The piano black trim is maintained throughout the car and in the interiors. The leather seats are powered by electric and can be adjusted into a position of your choice. Buyers who opt for the additional features may have to pay more in order to acquire the kit. It is suggested that the extra kit could cost £3,255 but it is an affordable deal for one because the R-Line Plus is much cheaper. It costs £1,160 than the base model and help the buyer save at least two thousand pounds or more.

All the Volkswagen Touareg R-Line Plus models use four-wheel drive and has eight speed automatic transmission system. The car is capable of delivering 258 horsepower and the diesel units are powered by 3.0-liter V6 diesel powertrain. The higher end version of the Touareg is priced at £49,895 which includes all the features and newer add-ons.

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