Toyota 70th Anniversary Commemorated With Crown and Land Cruise Special Editions

Toyota is celebrating their 70th anniversary and has released a couple of special edition vehicles in Japan.

The brand opened its first ever store in the year 1946 in Tokyo and has had a successful run till now.

Crown Athlete

The new special editions included a facelifted version of the Crown Athlete, the Majesta along with a J200 Land Cruiser and Prado. The official announcement was made through their Japanese blog and if you live in the region, the purchase seems like a wise decision to make. Toyota is throwing in plenty of goodies to make the cars stand out of their usual offering. The models are equipped with an exclusive wood steering wheel.

Maple wood is used to specially construct the steering wheel and it has been incorporated in two different layers so as to add the necessary thickness to it. Drivers are supposed to experience utmost comfort when they hold the wheel. The exterior layer of the maple wood is polished with veneers to make it feel extremely smooth. It looks posh and is definitely something you can never find in any other car.

Named as the Japan Frontier Toyota 70th anniversary edition, the Crown Athlete uses leather upholstery for an elegant finish while the Majesta will use Nappa leather for the same.The special models are available with both front wheel and all-wheel drive system. They are all equipped with Toyota’s proprietary Safety Sense P collision avoidance system. It is provided in all base models without any additional cost.

Land Cruiser Global Frontier model has premium nappa leather finish on the interiors on the J200 edition. The Prado uses redwood leather seats exclusively designed and stitched by professionals from Russia. It will be used in the SUV models that are supposed to be exported and sold in the Middle Eastern countries.

Crown Majesta

Official pictures of the Toyota 70th anniversary edition Crown, Prado, Majesta and Land Cruiser models are available in their official website. The models will be limited in numbers and specific to certain regions. Japanese buyers can make use of the opportunity to get such luxurious cars at lower rates. Pricing for the trimlines is yet to be announced by Toyota.

We expected the cost of the models to be on par with their base variants or slightly higher. The entire idea is to commemorate their anniversary and Toyota will obviously provide more value for money with their special edition cars.

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