Toyota Agrees to Adopt Ford’s In-car SmartDeviceLink System

The automobile manufacturers are keen to not let Apple or Google overtake their vehicles. Toyota is one among them and in order to keep their territory safe, they have accepted to join Ford and adopt their SmartDeviceLink in-car control system.

Apple has developed CarPlay, while Google has its own version named Android Auto. Both of them are fighting to gain a major share of the automobile market. Once they gain monopoly, whoever it is, car makers will have no choice, but to rely on them to complete their vehicle. After all, connectivity is everything in the contemporary world.

SmartDeviceLink System

Toyota is among those few who are not ready to accept any of them. Instead of creating a new competitor in the market, they have decided to tie up with Ford and accept the technology the company has to offer. With the SmartDeviceLink system SDL, the users will have access to the Entune infotainment system.

On the other hand, Ford which created SDL has also made the Sync 3 system for their dashboards. They will work with both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay in all 2017 models. Speaking about the integration of the new infotainment system, Ford’s CEO Mark Fields opined they never wish to be in a position where a $40,000 car is determined by a meager $200 phone.

“We will have our own link system which will provide everything users ask for, including navigation, music, additional features and app support. However, for the convenience of our buyers, we have also decided to adopt major technologies. By this method, no one will have a monopoly and more importantly we won’t be relying on other companies to help us make a decision”, said Fields.

Ford wanted its SmartDeviceLink to reach other auto manufacturers and have one that would be exclusive to their fraternity rather than one made by other tech companies. Their theory has worked with Toyota agreeing to adopt it and if more do the same, it would be great news for car manufacturers.


The upcoming technology in cars was detailed by Ford and other makers at the ongoing CES 2016 event. It was also the spot where the first ever 1000 horsepower super car was released. Faraday Future is the new company working on this awesome car which is still a prototype and may take a long time before it finds its way into stores. The services offered by Google and Apple are however good, except for the fact that they could monopolize the situation in the future.

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