Toyota Aygo and Toyota Yaris Get Premium Safety Features

After installing the new Safety Sense system for the Auris and Avensis, Toyota is bringing the premium safety features to the little league, as both the Toyota Aygo and the Toyota Yaris will get the system.

Toyota is determined to the goal that size should never dictate the safety of the car. The city cars will now also benefit from the advanced technology and safety features.


The Safety Sense feature will be offered as an optional feature for both the Yaris and the Aygo. The price for the Yaris will be $625, while Aygo drivers will need to pay $586 to get the system.

For the Aygo, the package includes pre-collision system, warning the driver for possible collisions. And while the system warns the driver, it also prims the brakes of the car in order to ensure maximum performance the moment the driver presses the pedal brake. For additional safety, the system reduces the speed of the vehicle and eventually stops it if the driver fails to press the pedal brake and stop the car. In other words, the Pre-collision system helps in two ways, stopping the car or allowing the driver to make the stop.

The system works only at speed between 10 mph and 86 mph, and in a situation when the relative speed difference between vehicle A and vehicle B is greater than 10 mph. The emergency braking works only on speed between 7 mph and 49 mph. Another feature in the Safety Sense system for the Toyota Aygo is “lane departure warning”. The feature provides both audio and visual warnings for the driver whenever he/she strays out of his respectable lane. The system works by monitoring lane markings and turns on when the car deviates and the turn indicators are not being used.

2016 toyota yaris

On top of all the mentioned safety features, the Toyota Yaris will get the Automatic High Beam. It is a technology that monitors the road and can switch between low and high beams automatically in order to ensure that the driver has maximum visibility.

With the new safety features added to the Aygo and the Yaris models, Toyota hopes to prevent accidents from happening and to reduce the severity when an impact occurs. All customers will be able to specify if they want the package with their new car or not.

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