Toyota Aygo JBL Edition Launched with a Strong Focus on Entertainment

Yes, you have read it right! The Toyota Aygo JBL Edition is supported by the sound company JBL which happens to have Harmon Kardon as its parent company.

A music lover just wouldn’t want to leave his expensive setup at home which is why the vehicle is designed to offer the most immersive in-car entertainment that you could ever ask for.

There are no compromises done here like many other models. While the car entertainment and sound system is usually good, they are supplied by brands like Philips, Pioneer and in some high-end models will have Bose surround sound system. A closed and compact vehicle can actually make everything sound excellent which is why people don’t spend more than what is being usually shipped with the vehicle.

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Besides, the issue of having to do the wiring all over if you ever choose to replace the entire system for a custom speaker set is even more cumbersome. The Toyota Aygo JBL edition puts an end to all these issues by featuring a gigantic music system. If the volume is not balanced, it wouldn’t be surprising if you break your ear drums because of how powerful and precise the music will be when transmitted through these surround speakers.

Going All Audiophile

In the place where cars usually have a replacement wheel, the designers have incorporated a sub woofer system. The level of bass it produces will definitely be off the charts especially if you love listening to bass-rich music like EDM and other similar genres. It features a total of 4-speakers provided by JBL combined with a large 160mm subwoofer.

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When it comes to performance, the vehicle uses a five-speed manual gearbox which does come with the option to be upgraded to automatic if you please. The 2020 model features an exciting yellow finish combined with black seats, black exterior and overall rich tone that will appease most young buyers. The 7-inch infotainment system also features DAB radio and Bluetooth connectivity.

Buyers can choose to upgrade their vehicle to the Toyota Aygo JBL edition with a fun roof edition which opens up and is made using a canvas material. All these upgrades will push the overall budget of the vehicle unless you plan to go for the entry level variant which still has all the design upgrades, 2020 modifications and an excellent sound system provided by JBL. A true car dedicated to the audiophiles of today that doesn’t falter in the performance area as well.

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