Toyota Brings Crazy Looking Kikai and S-FR Concepts to Auto Show

The Tokyo motor show is the place to be, if you are a car enthusiast. Apart from the stylish and futuristic concept cars, there are plenty of crazy launches as well.

To compensate their share of craziness, Toyota showcased the Kikai and the S-FR concept cars at the show. The company also had the decency to launch a lightweight sports car and a compact SUV designed for the future. The Kikai is definitely a crowd puller of the lot and if you plan to drive it on the road, you will probably attract more attention than you ever intended to.

Toyota Kikai

Toyota confirmed that their ultimate goal is to not make you the laughing stock in town, but instead, appreciate the concept of automobile machinery by creating a bare bone, compact car with a unique design. Many of the car’s components which are usually hidden by the bonnet are available in the open in this Kikai model car.

“In a world where it is all about concealing things that make a product work, we wanted to stand out of the crowd. A smooth metal sheet is what most companies prefer to use, but we have brought the mechanical aspects of a car and its concept to limelight. It gives everyone a chance to appreciate the inner beauty rather than focusing on the external appearances all the time”, said a Toyota representative in a statement.

The driver seat is separated from the two passenger seats located in the rear. It looks more like a Formula One car’s cockpit. The car exposes some its prime components in the open, including its fuel tank, engine and suspension arms. However, it’s not all crazy for Toyota, because they also unveiled the amazing S-FR compact sports car.

Kikai; Tokyo Auto Show

With a bright yellow tint and a powerful 1.5 liter petrol engine with manual transmission, it’s everything you could ask for in a tiny sports vehicle. The car weighs a mere 980kg, which makes the engine powerful enough to pull it at an amazing top speed. The S-FR is said to be priced at $29,990 in Australia. With a price tag that is lesser than the 86 series, it’s a definite buy for anyone looking forward to adding a compact sports car to their collection.

When the car combines value for money with performance, it’s easy to opt for it, especially when you don’t have the option to go for sports car from other manufacturers designed to suit the wallets of insanely rich businessmen.

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