Toyota Brings Tundrasine, a 26 Feet Long Limo with Eight Doors

This is probably the longest that a car could get and it wouldn’t be surprising if Toyota wins a Guinness Record for creating the Tundrasine, which is a Limousine with an additional pickup truck styled back to carry stuff.

The 2015 SEMA show is going great and manufacturers, sticking to the age old tradition are showcasing some of their cars and trucks at the show. While the conventional sedans, SUVs and trucks do exist, there are many unique launches at the expo. It includes a brand new limousine from the house of Toyota named the Tundrasine. We don’t have any idea of what paved the way for this name, but it sounds more like a truck mixed with a limo, a rare combination indeed! They are the extremes in the world of automobiles – with one designed for pure comfort while the other is all about utility.


A similar vehicle named Tundra was released in 1794 which inspired the designing team to come up with a modern day Tundrasine. The limousine is available in midnight black and measures at a massive 26 feet in length. It has a 20-foot wheelbase and in order to make it more passenger friendly, the manufacturer just added more doors to it. There is a total of eight doors in the Tundrasine.

The insides are extremely posh and luxurious, similar to the ones that you might find in private jet planes. A thick brown leather adorns the seats which are cushioned to perfection. The total weight of the limo as expected is a mammoth sized at four tons. It is powered by a 5.7-liter V8 engine which renders 381 horsepower.


While the V8 might make an ordinary sedan ideal for drag racing, it is not easy to pull the four- ton limo on the road making it good enough to keep it moving than win any races. The car uses an all-wheel drive system. Toyota released some exciting new images of the Tundrasine and the car is available to explore at the SEMA show, if you happen to be there. It’s not going to hit dealers any time soon and may probably end up being manufactured in limited quantities.

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