Toyota Concept-i Vehicle Can Track Your Habits and Improve, Just like Google

Toyota launched Concept-i vehicle at the CES 2017 event.

The car is designed by the CALTY research group and uses SF-based innovation hub with the ability to read the driver’s habit to improvise accordingly.

Toyota Concept-i Vehicle

The concept is very similar to technology companies like Google and Microsoft. They keep track of user habits and improvise the overall experience through big data collection. However, introducing a similar idea in an automobile is something unheard of in the past. Next generation car owners are more demanding that has prompted Toyota to take the unconventional route.

With the objective to implement autonomous driving technology, the team at CALTY led by design manager William Chergosky has embarked on an ambitious journey. “We have already spent two years to bring our vision to life and our goal is to create a futuristic car that’s fully autonomous by 2030. It will be fun to drive and the entire automobile industry is moving towards automatic driving. A lot of things in the Concept-i are centered around user experience,” said Chergosky.

Instead of trying to make cars look like robots, the entire team behind the Toyota Concept-i electric autonomous car is trying to humanize it. The car will learn a lot from its users and will try to deliver them what they need even before they ask for it. It will use multiple sensors, voice recognition and connectivity options to achieve it. The vehicle will greet the user in a friendly tone, can switch from autonomous to manual mode when you are in the mood to drive and has LED lights across which will keep changing to compliment the mood.

Toyota Concept-i

An AI named YUI – you-EE is integrated in the center console. The infotainment dashboard not only performs mundane tasks but does much more. It makes use of generalized information and real user habits to create a personality of its own, reports Techcrunch. The Yui system will use exterior lights, sounds and haptic feedback to express itself to its users. Apart from notifying drivers of hazards, possible routes and locations to hang out, the presentation is what is expected to set the Toyota car apart from other models. A whole range of electrified, autonomous models will also be able to communicate with one another to notify you if someone in your family likes to meet you. Such interactions are expected to make each car feel more personalized even though they are still in their early concept stage.

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