Toyota Gets Upper Hand after Volkswagen’s Mistakes and the Fall of Diesel Cars

Volkswagen is in a critical situation at the moment after the Environmental Protection Agency accused the company of bypassing emission requirements by using a software program in their diesel cars.

Ever since the allegation became public, the company has been facing a serious downfall in their share prices and they had broken the trust they have developed with millions of patrons around the globe. When a huge company like Volkswagen fails, obviously there are competitors who will gain a lot. In this case, the Toyota Prius is expected to be the chief contender because Prius lost the battle to the diesel cars from VW including Jetta and Golf.

Volkswagen Emission Scandal

In the past five years, Volkswagen continued to be the king of diesel cars which Toyota couldn’t dethrone, despite repetitive attempts. However, they came up with the most stylish 2016 Prius with the best engine, performance and design. Before they could compete with the likes of Jetta, the cars are already out of the market because of the emission test fiasco. This looks like the perfect timing for the company to spring back into action and win buyers who are in a confused state at the moment.

Prius was considered to be a boring car in the past, but the 2016 design is quite promising. With Volkswagen limping into a new year with decreased confidence levels, Toyota has the best chance in a lifetime to win over their competitor. Priced at approximately $25,000 with an impressive 50 miles per gallon, the new Prius is the best choice for the customers to go for.

Volkswagen’s Golf was one of the best vehicles in the recent past and with the revamped edition, it featured all the amazing features in the automobile industry, including full support for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto besides a spacious design. Toyota’s offering lacked them all, but not anymore as the company is all set to hit the market with a bang. The only drawback is that the 2016 Toyota Prius will reach consumers in the middle of 2016, which is going to be a long wait for people looking forward to exchange their old cars.

Volkswagen Emission

Meanwhile, VW is busy negotiating with the EPA and the European emission control board. They may end up spending billions to cover the fine and also to fix the defective diesel cars that have been shipped to customers in the past. Can they win back the trust? Maybe, but it’s going to be an uphill task.

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