Toyota GT86 Can Finally Compete with the Mazda MX-5

Simply put, the success of the original Mazda MX-5 is what made it possible for the Toyota GT86 to emerge into the market. The two cars have been rivals for a long time and after years of battling and trying to compete; Toyota can finally say they have a roadster that is fully capable of going head to head with the popular MX-5.

The reason why these two cars are such competitors is the price. Unlike some other higher end rivalries in the car industry, both the MX-5 and the GT86 are more affordable roadsters. Therefore, their communities are bigger and more and more people buy one of the two.


In the latest effort to find out which one is better for the track, a few enthusiasts tested the two cars at the tracks. The result might shock you, but we will let you see and decide.

For starters, we must mention that the MX-5 holds the advantage in the weight factor. The popular Miata is 200kg lighter. However, the Toyota GT86 holds the advantage in the power section. Seeing as we operate in the sub 200hp area, few more ponies make a huge difference. For comparison, the GT86 packs 197 ponies under the hood, which is 40 more than the Mazda MX-5.

In many other aspects, the two cars are identical. Both the MX-5 and the GT86 operate on rear-wheel drive, they feature ordinary tires and there is no turbocharging. Simply put, both vehicles are highly affordable, but very attractive and appealing roadsters.

The key difference, however, is that the MX-5 is a two-seater, while the GT86 is a coupe. Those extra two seats might not be enough to accommodate four adult people, but the Toyota GT86 sure has the option to do so.

mazda mx 5

And when it comes to race results, few cars are as evenly matched as the MX-5 and the Toyota GT86 are. In this case, the engineers used stock tires, which do not help Toyota’s case much. Bear in mind that a simple change of tires for the GT86 might help a lot with the acceleration and top speed. Changing the tires will result in better grip, which eventually leads to the GT86 better handling on the road and faster acceleration.

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