Toyota Launches 86 Shooting Brake Concept Car

The Toyota 86 festival was a grand success and it paved way for the successful launch of the new 86 Shooting brake concept car in Australia.

The design team from Toyota is always busy trying to come up with unique designs and impressive cars. While many of them are usually stuck in the concept stage, some does find its way to the final production and reach buyers. The shooting brake concept is one such model launched at the expo. It was exclusively designed by the team at Melbourne and the brand confirmed that it is going to be one off design. The concept is not going into production at any point.

Toyota 86 Shooting Brake

Despite the demand that Toyota 86 models have among buyers, the company has no plans to push it into production. Meanwhile, Mazda is working on a MX-5 based shooting brake concept car of its own. Talking about bring it into reality, Nicolas Hogios said, “I would definitely love to see the car on the road but it is not easy to make this dream come true. There are plenty of factors that should be taken into consideration, especially pricing and logistics of actually producing these cars.”

Adding to his statement, Hogios said that they are car enthusiasts like everyone else and are always eager to see new models come to dealership stores. “We are passionate about cars and new designs. Our love for cars will never recede. This is one particular model that has been going through discussion for a long time that paved way for it to become a concept car. I am really happy that our team brought it this far which is an amazing feat in itself,” he concluded.

Surprisingly, the compact and stylish Toyota 86 shooting brake concept car is no less when it comes to offering storage space. The car has enough space in the rear to allow easy cargo storage and the interiors are spacious for all passengers, offering the best headroom possible. It is equipped with a longer roof and the team said that it allows adventure lovers to load skis, bikes or surf boards on top of it without difficulty.

Toyota 86 Shooting Brake Concept car

The Toyota 86 is such an amazing car, both in terms of production capability and customer appeal. However, the company don’t have plans to immediately push it into production. The future is always open for options and anything could happen when the time comes.

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