Toyota Partners with Microsoft to Create Connected Cars

Creating cars of the future without associating with technology companies is an impossible feat. Toyota has realized the importance and has partnered with the best in the industry, Microsoft.

The two companies join hands allowing them to create connected cards, confirmed an official statement from the company. Named as ‘Toyota Connected’, the technology allows the automobile manufacturer to have complete access to Microsoft’s cloud based solution Azure. In simple terms, it’s all about saving data online allowing every car from the company to be able to access it and make autonomous decisions while driving on the road.


In their statement, Toyota said that the collaboration will allow them to consolidate data analytics and data management by bringing them all under one roof. When the cars are connected throughout the usage period, it allows the auto manufacturer to know important information including a driver’s habit, driving patterns, traffic, most used features and road conditions. The data even makes it easier for insurance companies to determine better terms and conditions without incurring losses.

With the help of Azure, all future Toyota cars with the functionality will be able to communicate with one another. While it is obvious that the road will have cars made by other manufacturers as well, the position of models from the same company makes it easier to provide traffic updates, road conditions and act as a safety measure when there is oncoming traffic in a blind spot.

“Toyota Connected is a technology which will allow customers to stay free of technology and enjoy a life where humanity is alive. It makes life easier for each individual and allow them to focus on their family, friends among other things whereas the driving, traffic will be taken care of by us,” said Zack Hicks, information officer of Toyota for the North American region.

The Toyota and Microsoft partnership was established long back in the year 2011. The companies joined hands to expand the telematics technology. A dedicated research and development team spent years to perfect the tech before bringing it to the general public.


Apart from Toyota, Nissan has also signed a deal with Microsoft and will be using their cloud based system Azure to power their infotainment system. Electric cars are becoming more popular which leads buyers into the next gen universe of autonomous technology where automobiles can communicate with one another while taking some important decisions on their own for the passengers’ safety.

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