Toyota Prius Lineup Teased, Slated for New York Auto Show

Toyota Prius lineup is further expanding and the brand calls the new car as a mechanical marvel in the world of Prius. The brand has released a simple teaser image of the vehicle.

It shows the rear end of the car and reveals some of its design but the full car is being kept under wraps for a grand reveal at the New York auto show.


Earlier, Mazda announced their plans to showcase a new launch at the auto expo and Toyota has now joined the bandwagon with an offering of their own. The teaser shows the back of the Prius which features an innovatively designed rear lights. They are sharp and has some strong bends, a totally different approach when compared to the existing models. The vertical rear light found earlier is now replaced by a horizontal and the entire shape of the car has been modified to seamlessly fit with the rear lights.

There is no official world from Toyota on the model that they are planning to release during the New York auto expo. While the company did reveal that it is going to be a Prius, they were tight lipped about the actual model heading to the show. If we are to make an assumption, it is most probably the Prius plug-in. But, there is also a high probability for the brand to go with a Prius V wagon or even the Prius C Hatchback. At the moment, it is hard to confirm the actual variant they are going to launch but the style definitely suggests a hybrid.

Last year’s launch had a strong focus on fuel efficiency. The 2016 Toyota Prius powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine rendered 121 horsepower and offered an impressive 58 miles per gallon with the Eco model. The base model of the same car offered a decent 51 miles per gallon in the city and 48 miles per gallon in highway.


The New York Auto Show is all set to take place on March 25th and will continue till April 3 during which a range of new launches will take place. It’s going to be a short wait before we could see the glowing new Toyota Prius in action on the show floor. The mechanical marvel from the brand will also be joined by a Highlander. Take a good look at the teaser image and enjoy guessing the features besides the powertrain before the representatives officially talk about.

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