Toyota Releases a Mapping System Demo Video for their Cars

Toyota is looking forward to introducing a brand new mapping system for their cars which will use the power of the crowd. The technology will be detailed during the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2016 scheduled to take place in January’2016.

So far, most conventional mapping systems rely on laser mapping to help drivers know the road, traffic and to avoid obstacles. However, Toyota claimed that the newly suggested system is much more accurate and will be part of all their future vehicle launches.


Detailing about the new technology, the company showcased how cameras and GPS system are used to map any route. It allows them to precisely understand many elements on the road, including traffic routes, signage and layouts of the route so as to better educate the driver to navigate the particular region. The company believes that it will empower every person with ample knowledge, irrespective of the part of the country they are driving in and avoid collisions among other issues that a newbie usually faces on road.

Besides, the new mapping system demo video also suggests making vehicles autonomous which will enable the drivers to sit back and relax while the car takes them to places. Toyota, in their report, added that the conventional method used to collect data from road is highly inconsistent. The data is gathered in multiple phases at different points, but it doesn’t focus on the actual traffic and conditions on the road.

“Image matching technology will be a core feature in the car. The cameras mounted on the car will work closely with the data gathered by the GPS in order to create an efficient pictorial representation of the situation. It makes it easier for the computers to process data and provide relevant suggestions. It not only helps human drivers but will also play an integral role in creating autonomous vehicles in the near future”, said Toyota in an official statement.

toyota_verso_03 (1)

While the video gives us a glimpse into how cars work and make use of the tracking technology, it may be a while before the users could actually understand the essential features. The brand is looking forward to explaining more about the benefits of using their idea at the Consumer Electronics Show 2016. It will not only be Toyota, but many other brands that are ready to display latest and greatest technologies at the technology show. It is going to be a crowded year like never before.

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