Toyota Supra Is Heading To Stores Powered By BMW Hybrid Engine

Toyota is building a new car heavily inspired by the F1- Super car concept and it has been named as the Supra.

The upcoming model is going to share a lot of similarities with the super car including its chassis and powertrain.

Toyota Supra

The components are similar to the BMW Z4 sports car. It is evident that Toyota is interested in building a sporty fast car which is on par with the ones being offered by BMW, Ford and other popular brands. Unlike Ferrari or Jaguar, these companies have a market of their own. The sports cars are usually powerful but are quite inexpensive when compared to the elite variants offered by the luxury brands.

The particular model, the Toyota Supra is built in association with BMW. Two big automobile brands coming together is the first of many. We can be sure that they will create magic with their innovative ideas. Toyota has filed for trademark rights in Europe and US region. The papers submitted are related to Supra which confirmed that they are going to use new powertrains, probably hybrid ones. It is mandatory to seek approval from the respective governments before launching them.

FT-1 coupe designed by Toyota was first revealed at the Detroit motor show. It was much earlier in the year 2014 and there were no announcements with regards to it in recent times. With the new documents submitted to the authorities, the Supra has surfaced once again after a long break. BMW announced their tie up with Toyota in the year 2011 and the companies have joined hands ever since to launch a sports car with new battery technology. It will also be built on a new platform which is versatile enough to mount multiple battery cells.

Toyota Supra exterior

According to industry updates, the new Toyota Supra hybrid technology will have electric motors connected to the front and the rear axle. It allows the car to achieve the best performance while the petrol engine will power the rear wheels as it always does. A powerful lithium ion battery will be used in the model. But, there is no word on the mile range the car would offer.

Toyota has collaborated with BMW in order to make use of their weight saving methods. It allows them to reduce the weight of the platform and the overall pull leading to better acceleration as well as range using the battery’s fuel cell. A 2017 debut is expected.

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