Toyota Verso 2016 Edition with New Safety Features Heading your Way

When opting for a sports utility vehicle, it’s more about space and safety than speed, which the 2016 Toyota Verso aims to deliver in an impeccable manner.

The all-new MPV is heading to the dealership stores with completely revamped interiors and has plenty of safety sense technology to provide a comfortable as well as an assured ride for its passengers. The brand has officially confirmed that the Safety Sense features will be found on all variants of Verso in order to provide the same user experience to every buyer, instead of focusing on the high end models.

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Some of the good features that make driving easy include automatic high beams to highlight your position during night drive, pre-collision system and lane departure warning. Saving you from a crash seems to be the highest priority for the 2016 Toyota Verso. The engineers have made the car more proactive by integrating powerful cameras and sensors in the bumper.

It enables the car to readily detect a collision even before it occurs and sends a warning alert to the driver. While braking is manually done by the person, the car automatically prepares the braking system so that it is efficient and doesn’t skid when done in a hurry. The extra stopping power should avoid most collisions, said the engineers. In case the driver completely fails to react, the car will take control and apply the brakes to save the passengers.

The safety system should be a welcome addition for both insurance companies and drivers. Besides, the Verso is equipped with a leather finish on the steering wheel and the gearstick. It may not make a huge difference, but when you drive the MPV, the comfort level is obvious when holding the wheel for long hours. Based on the trim level variant you opt for, the car will have better renditions of the leather material used in it.

Infotainment system is controlled using a 7-inch touch screen display and is equipped with the Toyota Touch 2 system. Apart from working extensively on the interiors of the car, the designers offer a brand new color variant – Platinum Bronze. Buyers can also choose to go with a 17-inch alloy wheel which will make the car look sophisticated than it already is.

Toyota has confirmed that the Verso will be available in 2016, but there is no confirmed release date or pricing yet. We expect it to be revealed during one of the prominent auto shows next year.

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